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Release: Oct 2015
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Dragomon Hunter

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Good: Large number of monsters and loot – Tame any enemy
Bad: Some monsters lack original designs
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Dragomon Hunter mixes anime style graphics, MMO mechanics and a focus on monster hunting into a single free to play experience. With a massive game world for players to traverse and over 100 different terrifying monsters to battle, tame and collect.


The world of Dragomon Hunter is just waiting to be explored with every corner of the anime themed game world teeming with creatures of all shapes and sizes. From the ferocious dinosaur like creatures to those that are more timid but just as deadly each battle will put your skills and tactics to the test.

These battles in Dragomon Hunter follow a similar vein to games like TERA with players required to carefully target and land the majority of their attacks, ensuring combat that is more engaging.

This applies equally to the four available classes (scout, mercenary, mage and cleric) who mix and match a decent selection of skills with some room for customisation of playstyle.


Unlike more traditional MMOs that are simply about grinding out monsters for experience Dragomon Hunter changes up the formula to directly reward players for their hunting with loot, materials and even a potential new mount. With every enemy in the Dragonmon Hunter game world a potential mount through taming there has never been a better way to show off your latest conquest to other players.

Whether you’re goal is to collect all the monsters that inhabitant the world, craft the best possible gear by focusing on only the rarest of foes or teaming up with friends for the ultimate hunt Dragomon Hunter has so much to offer.


  • Hunt down monsters for materials to craft the ultimate gear.
  • Team up with friends and other players to bring down the big game.
  • Turn every conquest into a fancy new mount to explore.
  • Action orientated combat requires careful precision to be effective.
  • Anime style graphics bring the game to colourful life.

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Dragomon Hunter, 8.0 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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