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Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Dragon Heart Online

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Good: Turn based tactical combat – Random dungeons and loot
Bad: Slow pace – Some elements lack polish
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Dragon Heart Online blends turn based tactical combat into a MMO world. From your start as a lone adventurer you’ll recruit additional units and eventually pets to create a party of fighters.


In Dragon Heart Online players start their fantasy journey by selecting their class (warrior, mage or archer). These archetypes all function as you would expect for a MMO experience and learn their own skills as they level up.

The adventure itself is fairly quest driven with limited lore or backstory outside of this fairly self-contained quests. This does mean you won’t feel overly connected to the game world but does let you focus solely on the gameplay which is a nice change for those gamers who aren’t looking to learn the history of a new fantasy world.

Actual combat is turn based and tactical with players being taken to a separate battle screen after engaging an enemy where you’ll take turns to cast spells, use basic attacks, heal allies or use potions. While these battles start in simple 1v1 battles they quickly grow to party vs party based combat which is when the strategy elements begin to expand (ultimately allowing for 4v4 battles and beyond).


Dragon Heart Online does away with resource management for the most part to make it more streamlined. While you do have health and mana in a battle to carefully use players can easily rest outside of combat to recover these resources making each monster encounter a self contained battle if you choose to rest between each one.

As a simple MMO that lets you focus on questing and tactical combat Dragon Heart Online is fairly impressive, it takes a while to get going and lacks some optimising but it has many redeeming features as well.


  • Create a party of adventurers and pets.
  • Turn based combat.
  • Random dungeons and loot.
  • Simple gameplay and game world that is driven by quests.
  • Three character classes to choose from.

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Dragon Heart Online, 7.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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