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Dragon Story

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Dragon Story challenges you to hatch, raise and breed dragons to fill your own magical island. Available on iOS and Android a whole new world of dragons awaits as you try to collect them all or focus on battling other players.


The game offers a great sense of discovery as players combine dragons together to create stronger dragons and even discover the ultra-rare creatures in the game. It’s a long journey to go from baby to fully grown adult dragon and populating your whole island will keep you entertained for months to come.

Combined with a steady stream of updates to dragons and items, Dragon Story is one of the games that will constantly keep you hooked. If you are able to collect all 250+ dragons then you are truly worthy of the title of master Dragon Caretaker.

When you first load up Dragon Story players will get to meet their assistant who will guide you through the process of purchasing your first Fire Dragon Egg. After buying your Dragon egg and letting it hatch players will need to build a suitable habitat for their dragon based on their colour type. With this easy colour system it is very easy to link dragons to an appropriate habitat and does ease some of the learning curve in Dragon Story.


Dragons can’t grow without food though which is where your farm comes into the game. By planting crops in your farm and harvesting them for food you’ll be able to level up your dragons which boosts their power, the amount of coins they generate for you and their visual appearance.

With each dragon that you hatch having four stages and then breeding on top of that to explore you never feel like you aren’t working towards something in Dragon Story.


  • Hatch, raise and breed all sorts of dragons.
  • Huge number of dragons available.
  • Always something new to do.
  • Decorate your island with dragons, buildings and decorations.
  • Free to play on iOS and Android.

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Dragon Story, 8.5 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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