Metacritic: 43/100
Release: Mar 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Dragons and Titans

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Good: Control a dragon – Multiple game modes – One of the better browser options
Bad: Lacks polish
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Dragons and Titans started its life on Facebook as a free to play MOBA adventure you could play in your browser. Eventually making it to Windows and Mac this simple MOBA aims to create an experience for newcomers to the genre.


Taking control of your own Dragon Lord and mixing in RPG elements you’ll get to enjoy your experience alone with AI or join multiplayer to fight with others in 5v5 dragon vs dragon combat (co-op is also available). While there is the standard MOBA game mode those that want more variety will pleased to know that you’ll find ARAM along with capture and hold.

In the MOBA and ARAM modes you’ll find all the usual map elements from a a base to defend (Titan Cage) and towers to destroy. Dragons and Titans does some interesting things in this department though by having a shield around your cage that has to be brought down to zero by destroying shrines (increase the shield decay rate) and obelisks (instantly take a chunk of shield power).

Each of these structures is defended by one of the elemental towers that range from fireball tracking missiles to long ranged cannons or mob destroying lightning. Of course you’ll have helpful minions to help you take down these defences which come in two forms.

Dragons and Titans offers a decent array of dragons with their own abilities and allows you to further customise them through weapons, skins and runes to create a playstyle that you’ll enjoy. Unlocking all of these though can be a grind heavy process if you don’t intend to open up your wallet although it isn’t the only MOBA to walk this fine line.


Controls create a large learning curve in Dragons and Titans simply because they are so different from other experiences that are out there. At first it feels overly complex for no reason but once you get further along your Dragon Lord adventure and begin to master it you’ll realise they aren’t all that bad and make dodging incoming projectiles possible without twitch mouse movements.

While there are some interesting ideas in Dragons and Titans the low production values and stepping over the pay to win line makes it less desirable compared to similar MOBA games. As a browser option it is a solid choice but it simply doesn’t stand up against other MOBAs on Windows or Mac.


  • Available on Facebook, Windows and Mac.
  • Control your own dragon.
  • Single player, co-op and competitive gameplay.
  • Over two dozen dragons and weapons to mix and match.
  • Simple core gameplay makes it attractive to first timers.

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Dragons and Titans, 5.7 out of 10 based on 18 ratings
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