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Good: Strong loot system – Good hero designs
Bad: Poor graphics – Takes a while to unlock the bulk of features
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Take your team of powerful heroes through a dragon filled campaign in DragonSoul, a hero and loot collecting RPG title for mobile (Android/iOS).


Taking the route of many other storylines players first battle and tutorial also serves as the precursor to your current situation which sees your group of heroes facing off against a dragon. After being successful though a darker evil shows up to transform your allies into enemies, forcing your two remaining heroes to retreat.

Your mission is now to rebuild your strength and list of heroes while undoing the evil in the game world. To do this you’ll progress through a series of campaign levels which are multi-stage with a boss at the end and have a predefined list of random loot that can be found within the level. Each level supports up to 5 of your heroes which fall into fairly typical roles of tank, damage, control and support.

With your team selected they will automatically fight the enemies they encounter while building up their energy bar for a controllable special skill. Once a level is beaten you’ll advance the campaign while also allowing the past level to be auto-played to attempt to gain the items from the available loot pool.


The most impressive part about DragonSoul lies within this loot mechanic as it also ties in closely with hero strength through promotion where collecting the correct six items for a given hero will allow you to promote it unlock new skills. The traditional evolution mechanic from similar titles is also present whereby additional hero soulstones can be spent for large stat boosts.

While graphically the game lags behind many of its competitors the mechanics are solid with a list of over 35 heroes, guilds, bosses, enchanting, challenges and much more.


  • Over 35 different heroes.
  • Random loot to collect and power up heroes.
  • Large range of features including guilds and bosses.
  • Lengthy campaign with 10 chapters.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.

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DragonSoul, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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