Drakensang Online is a free to play browser based game developed by Bigpoint that offer similar gameplay to the classic action role playing games of days past.


The game is a free MMORPG that draws some inspiration from the Diablo series to offer a hack and slash style experience with plenty of depth and content to enjoy.. The game has proven to be very successful with millions of accounts being registered, making it one of Bigpoint’s most successful games to date.

Drakensang Online takes place in a medieval world that is in complete dismay. Monsters are invading the once quiet world and the prince has disappeared leaving nobody to lead the people. To make matters worse rumours of an awakening dragon continue to grow. It’s a setting that has definitely come up before in other action role playing games but provides the necessary context for your adventure ahead to rid the world of evil.

Players can tackle this adventure with one of several classes (mage, ranger, knight or a unique dwarf engineer class) and or even have an active adventure for each with the multiple character slots that the game offers.


Freedom is at the core of Drakensang Online with players being able to freely explore the game world, take on quests from NPCs or venture into the dungeon depths to hunt for the ultimate loot. If you don’t want to venture alone in Drakensang Online you can easily add friends or commit yourself to one of the many guilds available in the game thanks to the strong community.

Fans of hack and slash action role playing games will love what the Drakensang Online universe has to offer and the fact that it offers everything within your browser only sweetens the deal.


  • Available online (no download) and free to play.
  • 4 Different classes each with their own feel.
  • Beautiful graphics and game world.
  • Lots of game variation and quests.
  • Constant game updates and tweaks.

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Drakensang Online, 9.1 out of 10 based on 223 ratings
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  1. jose
    August 24, 2014

    your game is super cool



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