Metacritic: 80/100
Release: Nov 2010
Reviewed on: iOS

Dungeon Raid

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Good: More depth than you would expect – Randomness gives the game great replay value – Multiple difficulties – Several classes
Bad: Lack of tutorial to explain the ins and outs of the game mechanics
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Love the tile connecting puzzle genre but want something with a bit more substance to it? Dungeon Raid blends simple puzzle mechanics with a deep RPG style experience where you’ll level up and equip hundreds of different items.


You’ll start your Dungeon Raid adventure by choosing your name, if you’ve forgotten yours or just want to role play as someone else you can use the random button to spit out a name for you. On this screen you’ll also get to select from four difficulties which provide plenty of replay value, most people should be able to start on normal without any trouble whatsoever.

Gameplay in Dungeon Raid has it all including equipment, upgrades, abilities, special monsters and plenty of other mechanics to explore. In order to do all of these things players have to solve the puzzle that is before them. This puzzle plays out like your standard match three connecting puzzle with players connecting similar icons together using a mixture of vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines (minimum of 3).

Each icon plays an important role in Dungeon Raid. There is the sword (important in damaging enemies), the shield (gives you armour and play an important role in upgrading), the potions (fill up your health), the coins (used to purchase gear upgrades) and the skulls which are intended to represent monsters that you are facing. Skulls have small numbers next to them showing their damage, defence and health.

Upgrades to your character happen when you fill up one of the three upgrade bars in the game. The experience bar fills up as you defeat enemies with each level allowing you to choose 2 power-ups from a random selection of 4 (providing passive stat boosts or active skills). Your upgrade bar fills up by collecting shields and when it reaches full you’ll be able to select an upgrade from 4 randomly generated options. Finally your gold is tracked at the bottom of the screen and when it fills up (100 gold) you’ll get to purchase a shiny random piece of equipment.


As if that wasn’t already enough of depth in the puzzle adventure you’ve also got 10 different classes to choose from with their own perk, flaw and skill which can change up the gameplay considerable.

At first glance you might just think the game is going to be a walk in the park, you’ll pay your money for the app, match a few things and be on your way. This couldn’t be further from the truth in Dungeon Raid. What you’re really getting is a deep and difficult (but fun) experience with plenty of replay value.


  • Simple matching game with lots of depth to its gameplay.
  • Random elements make each game different.
  • Several difficulties available.
  • Plenty of different skills, equipment pieces and upgrades.
  • On iOS and Android devices (with a free lite version on iOS).

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Dungeon Raid, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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