Metacritic: 77/100
Release: Oct 2017
Reviewed on: PC

Dungeons 3

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Good: Satisfyingly evil – Plenty of single and co-op content
Bad: Some strategies dominate others – Some co-op bugs and lack of features (ie; map pings)
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Live the life of dungeon master in Dungeons 3, a game with clear inspirations but takes the management mechanics in an interesting direction. Gameplay includes a vast 20 mission campaign (co-op available) amongst a multiplayer skirmish mode.


Set in a far off fantasy land players infect the mind of the dark elf priestess Thalya, convincing her to give into her dark urges and conquer the goodly game world and serve as your hero. With this quest in mind you’ll adventure throughout the world facing different situations, defeating leaders of the heroes and ultimately spreading darkness.

Regardless of level a core gameplay mechanic is the use of two separate game maps that splits your underground dungeon and the surface world (inhabited by heroes) with dungeon entrances allowing you to move your units between them. The underground dungeon serves as your base where you’ll build rooms in order to care for the creatures that you’ll recruit to your dark cause.

Creatures can be either Horde, Undead or Void which each have their own uses and utilities to consider from combat prowess, production abilities and special mechanics around their death. Adjusting and balancing your army is always a key consideration to ensure you have a balanced fighting force (or imbalanced if that is the strategy you want to pursue).

Each level though requires you to slowly build up your dungeon and creature strength before you can adventure in the overworld. In order to do so you’ll need to mine out gold below ground to build rooms while also raiding the overworld for evil which can upgrade your technology tree for new rooms, creatures, spells, traps and other rooms.


The heroes above ground though won’t just sit back and let you overtake their kingdom though and will send regular raiding parties to destroy your dungeon heart and banish you from the land. While your creatures are adept at handling heroes larger groups will need support from your arsenal of spells and traps.

Whether you’re managing your dungeon design underground or commanding your party of creatures above ground Dungeons 3 is an enjoyably evil experience.


  • Build your underground dungeon and conquer the overworld of heroes.
  • Recruit creatures from the Horde, Undead and Void.
  • Research spells and traps for further combat efficiency.
  • Play through 20 campaign levels solo or as co-op.
  • Available across Windows, Mac and Linux

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Dungeons 3, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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