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Release: May 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

Earthcore: Shattered Elements

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Good: New mechanics for a card game – Craft cards
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Earthcore: Shattered Elements lets you put together a deck of deadly creatures and powerful heroes while using the unique card crafting mechanic. Battle through a large single player campaign or take your skills into the ranked PvP arena.


Opting for lane based combat with four elements (fire, water, earth and dust) Earthcore: Shattered Elements has the standard mechanics of the collectable card game genre. This keeps the game accessible and thus a steady flow of new fans while it also retains long time players with the likes of skills on cards, the card crafting system and generally high level of strategic depth stemming from the unique mechanics.

Your battleground for is a 3 lane battlefield which allows for players to play up to 3 of their cards at any moment. Each card belongs to the previously mentioned element with rock-papers-scissors playing a central role (with dust being dominated by all elements). Drawing four cards to begin the battle (with the option to redraw) play then progresses around the placement of cards in your 3 available slots. Once all slots are filled the combat of the game begins with elemental advantages awarding the winner for that lane.


This focus on elements means that the game does away with the traditional health and attack counters, replacing it instead with risk. This risk factor has a direct impact on the amount of health that you’ll lose after the card is defeated, making for unique decisions where strong cards are best saved for guaranteed victory plays. The result is a struggle centred around changing the elements of your opponents cards to give you the edge which is achieved through active and triggered abilities.

Offering up something very different with unique mechanics Earthcore: Shattered Elements ensures you’ll have a great learning curve, an experience that other trading card games simply don’t offer due to the repetitive mechanics you’ve seen before.


  • Create a deck of unique craftable cards.
  • Turn cards into different elements.
  • Carefully consider the risk rating of each card.
  • Avoids using card game mechanics you’ve seen before.
  • For Android and iOS.

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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