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Echo of Soul

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Good: Lack of healing class – Character customisation – 20+ people raids
Bad: Classes are gender locked – Can’t shake that repetitive MMO feel completely
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Echo of Soul is a fresh fantasy MMO with a similar development team to the popular Lineage II. While it has been a huge success in the Korean market since its 2013 launch the game has only recently come to the North America and Europe scenes with a beta and release in 2015.


Echo of Soul includes the thousands of PvE and PvP hours that MMO players crave along with the usual questing, dungeons, guilds and large scale raids but adds just enough unique flavour to make it worth experiencing. This includes a unique soul mechanic that allows you to customise your character based on slain enemies and a planned mobile application that lets you stay connected to your character and friends even while away from the computer.

Combining these unique elements with a great level of polish and beautiful game world that spans several dozen locations Echo of Soul is a promising addition to the free to play MMO titans currently in the genre. This world features well over 50 detailed maps that fit beyond 1,500 quests to ensure you explore every corner of the game world.

Choosing to stick with the basic 5 archetypes of warrior, archer, sorceress, guardian and rogue Echo of Soul opts for deep customisation and refined classes rather than overwhelming you with a large number of base choices. This works well for the most part as players can take their hero into varying specialisations to separate yourself from your friends and other players using the same base character.


One thing that Echo of Soul is trying to also break with this character customisation is the healer dependent combat with a dedicated healer completely absent from the character line up. While this obviously won’t appeal to those dedicated healers the result is a different style of gameplay that doesn’t restrict players to throwing out heals and buffs from the back of your team. This is particularly evident in the large raids (up to 20 players) where victory requires an extra level of planning or the PvP spaces that play out in a faster pace compared to similar games.

Echo of Soul is an exciting and rich fantasy MMORPG that won’t leave you disappointed. It’s still finding it’s western feet with a few game elements but the core experience is the type of foundation that will ensure it’s both popular and enjoyable for years to come.


  • A rich fantasy experience transported from East to West.
  • Lack of dedicated healing class encourages different strategies and more action.
  • 5 base classes that transform into various specialisations.
  • Experience large scale raids and PvP.
  • Take up a profession to bring in game income or find magical eggs for premium currency.

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Echo of Soul, 8.2 out of 10 based on 20 ratings
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  1. Roy
    December 2, 2015

    This game has it’s fun points but it’s a very repetitive game. Many (and I mean like 50%) of all the map regions are exact replicas. The only difference are the type of monsters that are there. So you’ll go 3-5 zones thinking it’s all new and exciting then it all starts to look too familiar.
    The game offers a Cash Shop that is fairly expensive. 2000 Aria points for $20 sounds like a good deal, until you realize that the outfits and mounts cost anywhere from 2999 to 9999 points to purchase.
    They have recently merged all three of their North American servers into one server called Genesis. This has allowed a much larger player base to form which improved end-game experience, which is unfortunately very repetitive. The economy was stable before the merge and hopefully it will level out in a month or two but for now it’s a bit crazy.


  2. adrian
    December 24, 2015

    what age is this game restricted for please I need to find out



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