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Escape The Titanic

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Good: Huge variety of puzzles – Fairly long
Bad: The hints that you pay for are often useless
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Escape The Titanic involves exactly what the name suggests and mixes a huge variety of puzzles to keep you challenged and entertained throughout. The game is on both Android and iOS devices and promotes interactive gameplay.


The game is set on the Titanic just after you collide with the famous iceberg that brought down the ship. Players leave their room and after pushing aside some other passengers begin to explore the rooms of the titanic helping to prevent the flow of water and hopefully find their way off the sinking ship.

The games interactivity is shown off very early in the game with players sliding their room door open and then pushing people to one side. This really adds to the overall immersion of the game.

This adventure will take players to other guest rooms, the engine room, the luggage storage and so many other locations. Each of these locations presents their own unique challenge for the player to overcome if they are to escape before the ship sinks. Puzzles include wiring the engine room, hot wiring a car, putting out fire and stopping a water leak. These puzzles all require a different thought process and involve numbers, logics, memory and some simply require quick reaction time to succeed.


This puzzle variety is one of the greatest aspects of Escape The Titanic with very few puzzle ideas repeating throughout your adventure to keep the game fresh and difficult. Some of the puzzles are downright difficult though and often led to endless finger tapping or loading up a walkthrough to ease your frustration.

While you can experience the entire Escape The Titanic game for free you are expected to fork out for the solutions or tips for each puzzles. It’s definitely one of the more unique ways to monetise a puzzle game but must players won’t be using it.


  • Try and escape from the Titanic.
  • Impressive puzzle variety means there is always a new challenge.
  • Very interactive experience, making great use of the touch features of newer mobile devices.
  • Free to play!
  • Quite a lengthy adventure.

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Escape The Titanic, 4.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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