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Fantage is a popular MMO that offers young children, tweens and even teenagers (ages 5 to 16) a virtual world to explore and interact with. The game is extremely popular and also one of the very best in the genre.


Fantage is played online and was released in April 2008, as of early 2012 the game had over 15 million registered accounts. Like other MMOs designed for children, the game focuses on providing a fun world to explore while facilitating communication in a safe manner.

In your Fantage adventure you’ll get to play games and participate in activities which are always being expanded with content updates. Players can also customise cartoon style avatars with hair and clothing as they explore the virtual world of Fantage.

More recently Fantage has expanded into mobile applications for the iOS platform, most of which are available for free and based on aspects within the Fantage universe. This games allow you to connect with Fantage even when you are away from your computer.


Fantage is mostly a free to play experience but offers paid memberships and a premium currency (known as eCoins) to unlock extra content. Premium memberships feature additional items, gems and more customisation options. While eCoins are used to unlock these extra features on an individual basis.

When players start out they are given a basic home to decorate and customise as they see fit. From here Fantage members can begin exploring the Fantage universe which includes a large number of mini games (some are multiplayer) which reward players with the Fantage currency, Stars. Players can then spend these Stars on items to decorate their character, home or on their pets.


  • Lots of content to experience.
  • Fun and free.
  • Customise your avatar or house.
  • Adopt a pet!
  • Plenty of multiplayer games and buddy features.

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