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Release: May 2010

Fantasy Online

Good: Simple – Good amount of content – Humorous dialogue
Bad: Not enough depth for the hardcore MMO fan
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Fantasy Online is a browser based MMORPG that strikes the fine balance between simple and addicting.

The game has a great amount of content for a free to play browser game and still manages to have good depth.

Players start their Fantasy Online adventure by creating their own customisable avatar from a number of visual options. You won’t have to lock yourself into a character choice because Fantasy Online is part of the growing number of games that let you define your character.

As you level up you can spend your points between the attributes (stamina, strength, intelligence and agility) as you like while skills are mostly bought which further lets you play the game however you want.

Combat is fairly typical with players clicking on enemies that they wish to attack and then preceding to auto-attack the enemy to death while also using your abilities as needed.

After killing enemies you’ll find yourself with a nice amount of the in game currency (gold) which you can spend on equipment upgrades or use the materials you’ve looted to craft your own items from scratch. For a simple browser game there is a surprisingly high number of items available which always makes your next upgrade a tough decision.

The dialogue, quests and even skill descriptions are all light-hearted which adds to the casual focus since it’s obvious the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Touches like this always are always welcomed in the MMO genre where generic game descriptions and dialogue seem to be around every corner. This level of silliness seems to also translate into the community with plenty of laid back casual gamers to meet and party up with.

Fantasy Online won’t blow you away but if you want something that doesn’t take itself too seriously and lets you commit small amounts of time it’s definitely a good option.


  • Simple and casual MMO experience that you can play in your browser.
  • Full of humour and light hearted adventure.
  • Friendly and laid back community.
  • Develop your character the way that you want with flexible skills and stats.
  • Large number of items to either loot or craft.

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Fantasy Online, 9.2 out of 10 based on 30 ratings
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