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Farm Up

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Farm Up is a free to play farming experience that offers a relaxing game environment as you take on quests, customise your farm and boost your production to become a master farmer.

While the similarities to other games are quite obvious players will be surprised to see a lack of social focus in the PC version, allowing you to advance without begging your friends and even opens up the ability for people to play in an offline mode.


Farm Up is also available to play directly in your browser provided you have the Game Manager from Big Fish Games installed or you can choose to play it on your iOS or Android mobile device through one of the game apps.

Players join the Farm Up game world as an aide to Jennifer who is looking to take her nearly bought small farm and expand it to new heights. In order to achieve this you’ll need to learn about plants and animals and fulfil orders to make a profitable business out of the farmland. Players can also take production one step further by building factories to create canned goods and other more advanced items for more sales and increased profits.


During your adventure in Farm Up players will be able to follow through the well written story which introduces new challenges to players every now and then. This isn’t a game on rails though with players having all the freedom they want in between the story elements.

Farm Up is a nice facelift to the genre with improvements to both visuals and gameplay in comparison to some of the original farming simulation games that took hold of the market. It still fairly stays true to the roots of the genre though so don’t expect something dramatically different, just a refined experience.


  • A refined farming game.
  • Play in your browser, download the client or on your mobile device.
  • Experience a story that is woven into the experience.
  • Great variety in plants, animals and production items.
  • Plenty of quests to test your farm abilities.

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Farm Up, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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