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Fashion Fantasy Game

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Fashion Fantasy Game is a network for people who are passionate about fashion. The game is a mixture of game and social meeting place which creates a unique experience.


In Fashion Fantasy Game players can run their own fashion store, focus on fashion designs or just hang out with like minded people in the café area. Every player gets their own bank account of Fashion Buckz to get themselves started in the game world and then success or failure is completely in your hands. The game aims to be a realistic experience and attempts to introduce and inspire potential fashion entrepreneurs into the world of business.

If you choose to be a designer in the world of Fashion Fantasy Game then your job will be to create fashions from scratch, mass produce them and then send them out to the virtual retailers in the game world.

On the other hand if you choose to play as a shop owner you’ll have to purchase fashions from the designers while renting a store front in a major city. Regardless of your role in the game world though players will have to carefully track and monitor their finances if they are going to succeed.

Fashion Fantasy Game also has a huge focus on being social and networking. Players are able to create their own detailed profile, start their own fashion blog or chat and message other registered fashion fans.


For players that are looking to gain an extra edge in the game they can purchase the VIP membership which comes with rare items, regular new items, bonus currency, an increased salary, the ability to upload your own fabrics and more.

Fashion Fantasy Game is the perfect casual experience for people who are interested in a career in the fashion industry.


  • Realistic representation of the fashion industry.
  • Become a designer and create clothes for sale.
  • Or become a store owner and manage sales.
  • Connect with other fans of fashion with the social networking features.
  • Purchase a VIP membership for heaps of extra goodies.

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