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Explore the world of Eremos in Felspire, a fantasy browser MMO that lets you command a powerful character through multiple skill advancements and face a wide variety of foes.


Felspire ops to offer automated gameplay for the most part with players advancing through a story of darkness. This means that there is no grinding in sight, allowing players to access the high level content which is normally the most impressive. Felspire follows a similar idea with end game content including PvP, expansive dungeons and guild battles which are much more interesting than the automated PvE story.

Offering the usual mage, warrior and archer archetypes this has an impact on your available skills and equipment you’ll use although gameplay is standardised regardless of class. Each class will go through several advancements to boost these skills with more fancy and damaging abilities unlocked over time.

On top of these new flashy skills you’ll get a whole host of new equipment, titles, wings, pets and mounts to show off to other players. The pieces of equipment are fairly impressive for a browser title with thousands of pieces of gear which helps you separate yourself from the flood of other players.


Additional game features include a number of elite challenges that players can attempt each day for special equipment, experience, gold and special points for passive skills. This includes events such as the Temple of Death and the Demon Abyss both of which offer a limited number of daily attempts and reward you based on your speed and how far you advance.

Compared to other automated browser games Felspire compares favourably on some accounts, mostly notably the breadth of variety of items, challenges and other designs.


  • Automated browser title within a fantasy realm.
  • Choose from 3 different classes.
  • Wide range of enemies and equipment.
  • Daily challenges, guild wars and PvP add to the experience.
  • Reach high level content quickly without the grind.

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Felspire, 6.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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