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Final Clash

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Good: MMO features – Great hero designs – Plenty of mechanics to explore
Bad: Some poor quality sounds and lacks music
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Put together your team of almighty fighters in Final Clash a mobile game with over 50 heroes for you to collect, train and utilise on the battle field. With plenty of varied foes and challenging battles ahead Final Clash is ideal for the fan of RPG and action but want a touch of strategy in the way they develop and position their team of fighters, healers and mages.


Joining the ranks of the other hero collector games the formula of Final Clash is one that you’ve no doubt encountered before. Your first step before entering this world is choosing an appropriate character to lead your party from the available warrior, mage, knight and priest that have their own specialities.

In Final Clash warriors are the masters of attack and defence, mages offer insanely high attack with some support utility, knights offer large defences with control and buffs to back up a team while the priest specialises in support skills and team buffs. With your leader selected you’ll step right into the world as you fight off against the Demon King Baal before being wiped out and starting your true adventure in Atlas City.

The game world of Final Clash is MMO inspired which means you’ll be able to see other players as they run around the game world completing quests and gearing their characters. Players can also check out their power rating, formation, add them as a friend or chat.

Making friends aside gameplay of Final Clash is packed full of the features that similar games have to offer. You’ve got a hero recruitment system that lets you field up to 6 champions based on your heroes level with a 2 line formation (3 characters in front and back) that can impact on the battle performance of the team. Final Clash also includes the usual training systems and equipment for you to grind out upgrades for your characters. Designs in Final Clash are fairly strong with heroes definitely having their own unique inspired designs although do fall into fairly typical archetypes.


From a combat perspective players have the option of controlling their character special abilities (normal attacks are automatic) or hand over complete control to the AI along with options to speed up the combat speed which is fairly typical for the genre. Most players will likely go for fully automatic and maximum speed as there is little strategy to be had here that would see you perform better than the AI.

Containing all the flashy features of the popular hero collectors with some nice added MMO features Final Clash is a solid hero collecting title that has plenty of systems and mechanics to explore (and grind) for the fan of the genre. It’s quality of production is also generally high and gives you plenty of toys to try from day one, rather than slowly drip feeding them to you.


  • Fight against the demons as one of 4 characters.
  • Create the ultimate party of 6 heroes.
  • Grind levels, equipment and hero improvements.
  • MMO themed game world lets you see and chat with others.
  • For iOS and Android devices.

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Final Clash, 6.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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