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Release: May 2016
Reviewed on: iOS

Food Court Fever 2

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Good: Game supports charity – Solo operation lets you manage all restaurant elements
Bad: Average UI elements – Doesn't register finger drags all the time
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Dominate the food court in this time management meets restaurant simulation game, growing from a humble restaurant into a chain empire on your mobile device. Use a large range of ingredients at your disposal to cook through the 70 levels and 7 restaurants that the game has to offer.


Gameplay in Food Court Fever 2 is primarily drag based with players dragging ingredients from the service area onto a plate for the customer. These customers come in at a rapid pace and must first be handed a menu upon arrival before selecting something from the menu for you to put together. Each menu item generally starts with a form of plate and is then built from there such as the sandwich with bread, ham, cheese and lettuce. Provided players can deliver the exact requirements within a reasonable time you’ll get a healthy tip.

In addition to gold coins from service you’ll be able to earn them from completing various achievements and levelling up. Both of these actions can also reward the player with a small of amount of premium gem currency for more upgrades or to save you in a pinch (such as freezing customer wait time).

Food Court Fever 2 splits each level into a day of restaurant work that lasts a few minutes, while mechanically the game is quite simple it quickly compounds with lots of ingredients and even drink service at the mercy of the players speed. With the fact that players also need to order their own ingredients it is very much a sole person operation.


The unlock curve is an enjoyable aspect of Food Court Fever 2 where you feel like you’ve got a consistent goal to aim for, be it new restaurant, new record on a particular level or just the sanctification of serving a new high number of customers.

While the UI is not the greatest and sometimes doesn’t register you picking up a particular food item it’s only a small annoyance in the 70 odd game levels of food creations. Additionally the game sends 1% of proceeds to help feed kids in need which is a great tie in to this delivering food game.


  • Conquer 7 restaurants and 70 levels.
  • For iOS and Android devices.
  • Manage ingredients, menus, food and drinks.
  • Level up and get extra tips for fast service.
  • 3 star every game level.

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Food Court Fever 2, 8.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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