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Release: Oct 2013
Reviewed on: iOS

Friendly Fire!

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Good: Setup your base where you live in real life – Military theme – Unique combat
Bad: Some buggy elements
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Friendly Fire! is a military themed base building game that lets you build up a powerful military base. Players must balance offense and defence if their army unit is going to survive in the harsh PvP world that Friendly Fire! offers.


The game is competing in a very saturated space with both the iOS and Android markets full of games that follow this city building style of gameplay. However, Friendly Fire! has a few tricks up its sleeve that might just encourage you to play their game over the countless other options.

The first thing that will probably stand out after you load up your install of the game is the overall style. From the loading screens that tell you to wait because your helmet is being polished to the old projector that pops down (classic countdown included) to give your first tutorial lesson.

Before you know it you’ll be thrown into your first battle which will give you a handful of tanks to deploy on the enemy. After you’ve dealt with the threat it’s time to rebuild your own base. Uniquely Friendly Fire! is actually based on the real world and will have you setting up a base in your own country (even down to your own street) and then travelling the world attacking others. This gives you a great sense of world domination and adds some extra immersion to the overall game.


Combat is also fairly different in Friendly Fire! and is based around roads which most of your units will need to travel along in order to attack enemy bases. Players are also limited to dropping units at predetermined points on the map which have their own timers, requiring some more thought out strategy in comparison to other games. You can even guide your units along these roads which gives you greater control over your attacks (a rare feature in the genre).

Whether it’s your first taste of the genre or you’ve been bouncing around games for a while you’ll definitely get some fun out of Friendly Fire!


  • Setup your own military base where you live.
  • Battle other players across the world and defend your street!
  • Some unique elements in combat offer something different to the genre.
  • Free on iOS and Android devices.
  • Strong tutorial with plenty of unique charm.

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Friendly Fire!, 7.5 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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