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Galaxy on Fire

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Galaxy on Fire offers a free to play mixture of spaceship combat and space trading to iOS users. The game is the first in the series of games with later versions making their way to the computer platform.


It’s important to note that when the game was originally released it was not a free to play experience but because of the new games in the series FishLabs decided to make the first game free while also tweaking some gameplay issues.

The fictional galaxy that the game (and future games) take place in has four factions vying for control of the galaxy with players able to build separate relationships with each of the factions.

In the game you take control of Keith T. Maxwell (a mercenary) who joins the Terran fleet in its war against the aggressive race of insect like Vossk. Galaxy on Fire follows your journey against the Vossk, space pirates and a romance with Christine Hammond. How you approach this story is completely up to the player having the choice to tackle the main mission, accept mercenary like side missions or simply explore what the galaxy has to offer in sandbox style.


In addition to the story mode players can attempt the survival game mode where you are given a Phantom class ship and must survive for as long as possible against increasingly difficult enemies which will really put your pilot skills to the test.

Galaxy on Fire offers a really fun blend of action and role playing that allows you to freely explore the galaxy. The game also gives you a perfect introduction to the Galaxy on Fire series and if you like what you see you can move onto the other equally as impressive games.


  • First game in the Galaxy on Fire series.
  • A free iOS only game.
  • Four different factions to meet and form relationships with.
  • Interesting storyline gives the game world plenty of context.
  • Focus on the main story, side missions or just exploring space.

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Galaxy on Fire, 7.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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