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Release: Aug 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Game Dev Tycoon

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Dream big as you create your own game development company in this business simulation game. Launched back in 2012 this tycoon game allows you to develop the games, hire your staff and conquer the gaming world.


Game Dev Tycoon is known most notably for its unique attempt to counter piracy by releasing a cracked version of the game which regardless of players actions they will find themselves eventually bankrupt due to pirates not spending money on their new release games.

Unique piracy techniques aside the game starts players in the 1980s with arcade games sweeping the planet as the hit new thing to do for entertainment. Starting in your own garage without employees or much cash your objective is to jump on this latest trend to propel your very own video game development company.

Once outside the arcade era other game consoles will be introduced that mimic real game consoles allowing the breadth of games developed to expand rapidly. With each new game that players opt to create you’ll be able to alter the variables that you think will help you deliver a fantastic game. This includes naming your creation, choosing the appropriate genre, how time is allocated and the selected features.

After release players will be earn experience that improves their talents in a dozen or so areas while also receiving reviews from critics with a steady cash inflow. If players find themselves short of cash they can also take up temporary contract work.


As the decades pass players will be able to hire new staff with unique abilities, expand into office space, buy game licenses and even get into the hardware space. This allows increasingly complex games that provide greater return but can also bring down your gaming empire.

If you’ve ever thought that you wanted to be on the other side of the fence in the realm of gaming Game Dev Tycoon offers a simple way to achieve it.


  • Create your own game company and go from garage dev to global corporation.
  • Pick the genre, features and more in every new title.
  • Take on contract work in between video game releases.
  • Explore the history of the video game genre.
  • Available on Windows and Mac.

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