13 Games Like Age of War

Games like Age of War This list of games like Age of War offers strategy games that explore the advancement of the human race, war or are available for free.

Age of War is a highly popular browser based game with tens of millions of plays across various browser game websites that sees players going from humble caveman and into the future in a strategy setting. Your objective in Age of War is to destroy the enemy base while defending your own at the same time by calling into battle various units.

Once summoned these units will move across the screen automatically and attack any enemy units that they encounter. With each successful kill players earn experience to advance towards the next age which unlocks new powerful units and special attacks. Gold is also earned as enemies are taken out which is used to purchase units and send them down the path to face the enemy.

Given that leaps in technology at each age the game requires players to stay in line with each other to avoid being overrun. Each age features different melee, ranged and mounted/power unit with special abilities and defensive turrets also changing with each age.

The games like Age of War on this page feature similar age based mechanics that see players advancing through different periods of human history and titles that employ a push orientated battle mechanic system. Emphasis has been placed on free to play games (mobile and browser based).

Games Like Age of War



The game of the Gods awaits you in Krosmaga, a game that combines board game with card collecting into one for Windows, Mac and mobile. Your objective in Krosmaga is to use your skill and strategy as a God to overcome your enemy by summoning mortals, creatures and powerful demi-gods. Playing as... Read More »

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Castle Crush: Epic Strategy

Castle Crush: Epic Strategy entices you to challenge players across the world in a real time card game. Summon all sorts of troops and spells in order to lead your carefully selected army to victory. Castle Crush: Epic Strategy gameplay centres around 3 lanes in the centre of the map. At either... Read More »

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Stick War: Legacy

Bringing the popular web game into the mobile environment Stick War: Legacy is a side scrolling strategy game that requires you to manage your resources and summon powerful units to conquer the statue of your enemy. Offering up a wealth of features in this mobile game Stick War: Legacy includes... Read More »

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Spellbinders sees players joining in on the war of the Titans as they fight for bragging rights on the battlefield. Pick your Titan from the ancient powers and send your units to face off against the opposing Titan in a 3 lane battle. Ideal for short games but also addicting over the longer ses... Read More »

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Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild is a tower defence offering for mobile devices that has you controlling the creatures of the jungle as they fend off all sorts of lumberjacks that seek to carve up your habitat for profit. Playing as Koko Kornelius players will move their character across the top of... Read More »

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Tower Conquest

Build up a powerful fighting force of your favourite cards in Tower Conquest a game about managing resources and carefully timing the summoning of units. With 5 different factions that have 70 unique characters, heroes and towers there is plenty of strategy to engage in for Tower Conquest. Game... Read More »

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Cat War2

The cats are gathering and going to war against he Dog Kingdom, the commanding of the army falls onto you as you fight through a number of stages and boss battles on behalf of the cats. Marking the second game in the franchise of cat vs dog warfare the game sees a number of improvements over th... Read More »

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Titan Brawl

Bringing the MOBA genre to mobile devices Titan Brawl opts for much shorter battles with several minutes of intense battles rather than the slow and methodical approach of computer based MOBAs. In order to achieve this faster pace of battles Titan Brawl trims down the genre into two lanes each ... Read More »

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Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations was released back in 2003 but is still considered to be one of the most popular and successful real time strategy games of all time. The game manages to offer vast strategic depth while also being very accessible to players, an achievement that not many RTS games have been able ... Read More »

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DomiNations combines traditional real time strategy games such as Age of Empires and Rise of Nations with the more modern mobile genre that is dominated by the likes of Clash of Clans. This unique and fun adventure is available on both iOS and Android. Your overarching objective in DomiNations ... Read More »

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Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires (AoE) 3 falls under the real time strategy genre and was developed by Ensemble Studios for a 2005 release (2006 release on Mac). The game has two expansion packs available (The Warchiefs and The Asian Dynasties) that unlock additional campaign content and introduce 6 additional c... Read More »

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is an RTS game published by Microsoft that is a spin-off of the original and highly popular Rise of Nations game. Unlike the original the game is set in a fantasy world that blends magic and technology together. Despite the change in setting the game still plays... Read More »

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Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II belongs to the hugely success AoE series of real time strategy games. Launching back in 1999 the game saw a HD release in 2013 with a few minor changes to gameplay, most notably an increased population cap (200 to 500). The game explores the Middle Ages with over a dozen playa... Read More »

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