1 Games Like Bubble Witch Saga

Games Like Bubble Witch Saga
Burst more colourful bubbles in our list of games like Bubble Witch Saga for your browser and mobile device that you can play for both short and long bursts.

The Bubble Witch Saga series is a collection of games developed by King that utilise bubble shooter mechanics. While not a new genre of game King brought its high production values and vast number of levels from their other games to make Bubble Witch Saga one of the best experiences in the genre. This success ensured the franchise grew from the original Bubble Witch Saga to Bubble Witch 2 Saga and to Bubble Witch 3 Saga which featured predominately the same mechanics but offered new levels and power ups for players.

These mechanics see players firing off coloured balls to create matches of 3 or more in order to clear them from the game board. This clearing of the game board allows players to achieve their objective for that level be it clearing the top layer or freeing something trapped within the colourful bubbles. Players can use power ups to help them achieve them or swap the current colour of orb with point bonuses for streaks of matches.

The games like Bubble Witch Saga and its sequels on this page ensure you’ll have hundreds upon hundreds of levels to conquer on your mobile with bubbly colour matching.

Games Like Bubble Witch Saga


Diamond Dash is as simple as it gets when it comes to puzzle experiences with gameplay revolving around players clicking on groups of similar coloured blocks. With 60 second rounds Diamond Dash is a good option for short play sessions or competing against friends. The game was developed by woog... Read More »

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