18 Games Like Covet Fashion

Games Like Covet Fashion Our compilation of games like Covet Fashion has other impressive fashion games where you can shop, dress, style and compete on your mobile or browser.

Covet Fashion is one of the most impressive games in the fashion gaming genre with a detailed and well thought out execution. The game has been downloaded by millions of gamers for iOS and Android devices who now play the game to feed their fashion and style addiction.

Gameplay in Covet Fashion has players purchasing a selection of clothes from a massive range of styles. With a number of partnerships from large brands players will find that their favourite products will be in the game which can be bought and subsequently put on their model.

Covet Fashion is much more than just glamorous clothing though with players also needing to combine accessories, hair styles and makeup. These completed designs can then be submitted for challenges and even voted on by other players with top looks getting access to exclusive in game rewards. The game also features social options to meet and chat with other designers while also offering players the opportunity to purchase the clothes featured in game.

The games like Covet Fashion featured below feature other high quality games in the fashion genre. In these alternatives you’ll get to customise your own look with countless styles, share it with friends and even compete against others.

Games Like Covet Fashion

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Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique follows the story of your fashion star journey. Join the community of glamour and fashion as you pull on the millions of unique fashion designs by mixing and matching all the items within this mobile title. Designed for those that love fashion, Fashion Star Boutique is fab... Read More »

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Top Stylist

Top Stylist throws you into the world of Elite fashion as players will need to care for their high profile clients. Select the most glamorous clothes, accessories and shows from your collection to find the perfect fashion style. Top Stylist comes from the team at CrowdStar who have created a nu... Read More »

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City Girl Life

City Girl Life is a social and fashion focused experience developed by Playdom that can be played directly in your browser either through the Playdom website or Facebook. The game is very similar to other games in the genre feels like a spiritual successor to Playdom’s other hit social game. If... Read More »

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Stardoll is a free website that lets players dress up dolls and play various games designed for a young female audience. With millions of registered accounts the game is easily one of the most popular in the genre. Stardoll has been online since 2004 and has grown from a simple paper doll dress... Read More »

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Mall World

Mall World is a highly popular Facebook game that is all about fashion and being social. The game has plenty of activities for players and is definitely one of the top fashion social games around. In Mall World players can run their own boutique store by choosing the best stock to sell for a pr... Read More »

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Doll And The City

Doll And The City is an online fashion game that lets you create your own doll and dress them up with a huge collection of options. The game was developed by Serial Clicker, a development team that specialises in games for children. At the start of your Doll And The City adventure players will ... Read More »

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GalaStories is part of the growing number of online fashion and social games that are sweeping Facebook. GalaStories is definitely one of the best available though with thousands of quests and areas for players to experience. GalaStories is a free fashion game available through Facebook that le... Read More »

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Oh My Dollz

Oh My Dollz is one of the many online fashion communities that lets players interact with each other and decorate their own doll like avatar. Creating a life for your doll is completely in your hands, with Oh My Dollz you have all the tools you need to create a glamorous lifestyle for yourself.... Read More »

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Top Girl

Top Girl is a shopping and fashion game for Android and iOS devices. The game is packed with content to explore and is available for free. If you love your shopping, want to chase your dreams of super model stardom or just looking to get that hot date you’ll like what Top Girl has to offer. Wit... Read More »

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Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour

Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour is part of the popular fashion series and is available for PC and Mac with an iOS game version also available (gameplay is slightly different). The game expands on the popular blend of fashion and time management from the previous game instalments. As the name su... Read More »

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Social Girl

Social Girl is all about being social, fashionable and popular. The game is available for free on iOS devices and was developed by CrowdStar who have released a number of games with similar gameplay. In Social Girl you can participate in a large number of activities including shopping, hanging ... Read More »

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Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl is a fashion based game that is available on your smart phone (both Android and iOS are supported). The game is free to play and doesn’t require a constant internet connection although you will need internet access if you choose to make an in app purchase for additional currency. ... Read More »

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Teen Vogue Me Girl

Teen Vogue Me Girl mixes fashion and internship together in an exciting app for your iOS or Android device. The game was developed by Frenzoo with a release in 2013, Frenzoo has previously published similar games which shows with the level of polish that the game offers. Teen Vogue Me Girl has ... Read More »

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Fashion Fantasy Game

Fashion Fantasy Game is a network for people who are passionate about fashion. The game is a mixture of game and social meeting place which creates a unique experience. In Fashion Fantasy Game players can run their own fashion store, focus on fashion designs or just hang out with like minded pe... Read More »

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Fashion Story

Virtual world meets fashion on your mobile device in Fashion Story a game all about the latest clothing trends and designs. In the game you’ll have the opportunity to not only follow but also create the trends as you manage your own clothing boutique. The blend of management simulation an... Read More »

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Diva Chix

Diva Chix is a more mature dress up game than most and caters towards a teenager and adult audience. The game has an impressive list of features and also has regular events for players to participate in. Diva Chix is just as much a strategy game as it is a fashion game with the ultimate goal be... Read More »

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