19 Games Like Criminal Case

Games Like Criminal Case Our assembled list of games like Criminal Case offers other puzzle games (iOS, Android, online) that blend hidden objects and mystery in a similar manner.

Criminal Case (often CC) is a unique detective themed adventure that launched on Facebook and eventually made its way to mobile devices (iOS and Android). The game was a resounding success on all platforms with millions of users solving cases and hunting down hidden objects. The game also includes several mini-games and well over 100 cases to solve.

Set in fictionalised version of the real world players take on the role of rookie cop as they climb the ranks of their police department. With your detective partner players will go through a story centric experience as they hunt down murderers, thieves and undesirable organisations by finding hidden items across the various environments and piecing them together to solve the case.

During an investigation players will need to collect the evidence, perform analysis and even engage in autopsies to get every last clue available. This all culminates in the last moments of each catch where players must provide their reasoning beyond the person responsible from the suspect list.

The games similar to Criminal Case here offer a mixture of mobile, free, online and download games that will have you at the centre of the storyline while you solve puzzles, mini games and find hidden objects.

Games Like Criminal Case



Set in the 19th century Uptasia mixes the genres of hidden object games and economic simulation together. It’s an interesting mix that you probably haven’t run into before and well worth trying if you are on the hunt for a browser game that offers something different. Players are put in charge ... Read More »

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Another Case Solved

With the city now outlawing sugar the police have a full time battle on their hands to catch the big time smugglers. With other crimes falling by the wayside use of private detectives have sky rocketed and it’s a great time to be in your industry. This leaves all the quirky cases to fall ... Read More »

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is a mixture of visual novel and crime fighting. Coming in as the fifth main adventure in the Ace Attorney series it also marked the first game for Nintendo 3DS which was eventually ported over to iOS devices. Dual Destinies takes the game int... Read More »

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Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire is a high quality murder mystery that utilises point and click gameplay and combines it with a wealth of impressive characters. It’s an amazing game of mystery, dialogue, detective work and lovable characters. The game serves as a reboot/sequel of a game with the same n... Read More »

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Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes gives away its two primary game mechanics right in the title; hidden object puzzles and mysterious crimes that need to be solved. Available only for iOS with a free price tag the game is similar to others in this sub-genre. Jumping into the shoes of a private dete... Read More »

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Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds is a multi-platform game where you’ll have to catch the criminal while uncovering hidden objects in a variety of scenes. In the game you’ll be partnering up with detectives Lamonte and Turino who are recent hires in the Special Enquiry Det... Read More »

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Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring (or simply Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring in North America) is part of the Sherlock Holmes franchise and the second in this series of adventures (proceeded by The Mystery of the Mummy and followed The Awakened). In addition to the Windows ver... Read More »

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CSI: Hidden Crimes

Outsmart the suspects in this CSI themed game that blends hidden objects with logical criminal puzzles for your mobile devices. CSI: Hidden Crimes is all about solving the crime scene by combining the available evidence and clues while asking the right questions of those that you deem to be sus... Read More »

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Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

In terms of seriously difficult puzzle games Puzzle House: Mystery Rising sets the bar at a whole new level with an extremely well made and thought out puzzle adventure that you won’t just be able to breeze through. Of course the game is perfectly suited to those puzzle veterans among us ... Read More »

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Roombreak: Escape Now!!!

If your idea of the perfect game involves you attempting to break out of a room then the Roombreak: Escape Now!!! should definitely be near the top of your must play list. Roombreak is free to play with support for iOS and Android devices. Like many games before it the game instantly throws you... Read More »

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The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour is a puzzle adventure sequel to The 7th Guest. Once again players will be exploring the creepy mansion in what is a thrilling PC adventure. The game was released in 1995, two years after the success of the original. The 11th Hour is set over 50 years after the original game with p... Read More »

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The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor was developed by Fire Maple Games in 2010 (the same minds behind The Lost City). The game can be played on your smart phone supporting both iOS and the Android software. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the Myst series featuring puzzle action with a point and click... Read More »

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is part of the point and click genre and is available on the Nintendo DS. The game launched 2007 and lets players explore the mysterious origins of a strange hotel. Large sections of the game take place in the fictional hotel located in the south west (United States) called... Read More »

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Azada is a very casual adventure game with puzzle elements that has some Myst like elements to its gameplay. The success of the original game has led to several sequels under the titles Azada: Elementa, Azada: Ancient Magic and Azada: In Libro which all offer similar gameplay. Azada was origina... Read More »

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The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest is a classic adventure game that was originally released in 1993 but was re-released in 2010 for the iOS platform. The game was developed by Trilobyte. Maybe you remember playing the game when you were younger or maybe you are just looking for a classic point and click style puzzl... Read More »

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The Trace: Murder Mystery Game

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game is a dark murder mystery game with both puzzle and adventure elements. Playing as a sharp detective you’ll be solely responsible for the solving of the case at hand. Set in the city of Baltimore players will see through the eyes of Sam Pearce, a police detec... Read More »

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Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival makes number 10 in the franchise. This doesn’t mean a watered down adventure either with an impressively eerie, dark and addicting game that draws from the 4th game in (Madame Fate) but creates a fresh journey none the less. Set in Madame FateR... Read More »

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

If you love the Sherlock Holmes universe then The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is one of the best games in the series. Like many other Sherlock Holmes games it is set in London during the 1890s and has Holmes working on an unsolvable case. Players join Holmes just after he solves the case of th... Read More »

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Love and Order

Love and Order mixes dating and mystery into an enjoyable visual novel meets dating simulation developed by Winter Wolves. The game was released in 2011 and just like their other games there is a playable demo available to players. The game takes place in a small district of Montreal and follow... Read More »

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