13 Games Like Elsword

Games Like Elsword Our list of games like Elsword features other action orientated MMO role playing games that let you battle in PvE and PvP environments.

Elsword is a unique MMO with skill based mechanics that has been around since 2007 (launching in Korea). While the game is a side scrolling game it uses a unique blend of 2D and 3D elements to deliver one of the best in the 2.5D MMO genre.

With mechanics that have a large focus on skill and timing being a rarity in this genre it is a key part of the games long term success. It allows dedicated players to gain an edge in combat rather than being a game solely about numbers (stats and equipment).

With strong PvE, PvP and guild features behind the game the community continues to grow into one of the largest in the industry and will no doubt be around for years to come.

The games like Elsword here focus on other 2.5D side scrolling games and MMOs that have skill based elements in their core gameplay. Just like Elsword you’ll find that these games are free to play and have equally strong communities behind them.

Games Like Elsword


AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds (or AQWorlds) is a simple but extremely popular browser based MMORPG. The game is very similar to the original AdventureQuest except that the game takes place in a persistent game world rather than being a single player focused experience. The game has dozens of servers on... Read More »

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MapleStory is the most popular of MMO in the 2D side scrolling genre boasting a user count will into the millions of players. The game receives regular and healthy updates to keep you coming back with new content on a regular basis. The game has a huge game world to explore, one of the largest ... Read More »

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Lost Saga

Lost Saga is a fighting orientated game using a unique 3D view. Launched originally in 2009 the game has continued to evolve with new characters, game modes and an ever-growing community. This fighting based brawler style experience is of course very PvP orientated with players selecting from a... Read More »

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NosTale (The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit) is a free MMORPG that features simple (but beautiful) graphics and tonnes of class options. The game is developed by Entwell Co. and was released in 2006 for a Korean audience. The game has since been converted into plenty of other languages making ... Read More »

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Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is one of the newer MMOs to be released on the market. Using an anime style the game blends action and traditional combat together to create a very fluid approach to gameplay. Starting its closed beta in December 2013 and transitioning into open beta a month later Aura Kingdom is s... Read More »

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Tree of Savior

The long awaited MMO title known as Tree of Savior is finally upon us, with its cute and charming art style it aims to recreate the feeling of Ragnarok Online and other older MMORPGs like it. Your journey will take you across a landscape of beautiful graphics as you embark on a search for the g... Read More »

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Dust: An Elysian Tale

Think offline MapleStory, and you’ve got Dust: An Elysian Tale. A game that tells the story of Dust, a warrior who has awoken in a forest without any memory of who is he and how he got there. Joining you on the journey to discover your origin is the sentient mythical Blade of Ahrah and its guar... Read More »

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Hero Smash

Hero Smash is a browser based experience that lets you play the hero in a MMO environment. The game was developed by Artix Entertainment who is also behind the hit game of AQWorlds. In Hero Smash you’ll create your own super hero and go about exploring a persistent MMO game world, all within yo... Read More »

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Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga brings the 2D side scrolling genre to the browser space with a very impressive offering that fans of games like MapleStory will feel right at home in. The game does introduce some more casual elements such as auto pathing but retains the more in depth combat and gear decisions that... Read More »

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LaTale draws heavily from other 2D side scrolling games such as MapleStory to deliver a great fantasy MMORPG world. LaTale was developed by Actoz Soft originally launching in South Korea in 2006 and saw an official release in North America in 2008. The gameplay in LaTale is very similar to othe... Read More »

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Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz is a side scrolling MMO that you can play within your browser. The game is free to play and offers a nice gameplay pace to it. During your Dungeon Blitz adventure you will explore the land of Ellyria which players arrive to by ship (which also serves as the tutorial). Once on the ... Read More »

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Blast Breaker

With stunning graphics Blast Breaker aims to take the side scrolling genre by storm. If you love the simple nature of side scrolling MMOs but want something more up to date with impressive visuals Blast Breaker may be the MMO you’ve waited for. Set in a universe far away on the planet Xyl... Read More »

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Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga (known outside the US as Dragonica) is a 3D side scrolling game developed by Gravity Games. The game launched throughout 2009 and 2010 across a number of regions and is published by different publishers on a per region basis. Dragon Saga has many similarities to the popular online M... Read More »

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