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21 Games Like Fate

Games Like Fate This compilation of role playing games like Fate offers dungeon crawling adventures where you’ll fight monsters, collect loot and create a unique character.

Fate launched in 2005 and elected to draw heavily from games previously introduced in the genre. Fate turned this into a strength though be creating a dungeon crawler that used other game formulas extensively for the basic mechanics but refined them while also experimenting with some new mechanics that were innovative at the time.

This includes mechanics like pets, fishing and character retirement with were later used in other action role playing games to expand on the traditional core mechanics.

In regards to gameplay Fate offers everything that the genre has become known for with players adventuring into the depths of a deep dungeon where each floor becomes progressively difficult. Along the way quests are completed, experience is gained and loot is acquired to allow the player to continually advance against ever increasing enemies.

The adventures like Fate that await you on the list below offer everything you could want in a dungeon crawling adventure. Create your unique character from many class choices, gear up and venture forward against immense monster odds.

Games Like Fate

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing returns again for a third instalment in the action RPG genre. With a unique setting, strong story elements and interesting build paths the game has contained to go from strength to strength with the third game mostly delivering the same. Continuing the s... Read More »

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Goliath blends action adventure with sandbox crafting elements to create an interesting quest driven title that will have you stepping into your own robotic creations as you jump from fragment to fragment in the varied game world. In Goliath players find themselves crash landing in an unknown e... Read More »

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(10 votes)

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free to play action role playing game that draws plenty of comparison to the Diablo series and in particular Diablo 2. The game is widely praised as capturing the best of Diablo and expanding on it with its own unique and well-polished ideas. The game was developed by a small... Read More »

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(69 votes)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

Step right back into the shoes of Van Helsing with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, a game that builds on the solid foundations of the original to offer a great action RPG experience. A hero’s work is never done in the universe of Van Helsing with a new villain for the famous monste... Read More »

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(21 votes)

Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a dark isometric action RPG with unique boss battles, a very dark atmosphere and the ability to switch characters on the fly. The game explores a world in a current state of uneasy peace with a history of tyrants and bloody rebellions scarring the land. Tensions are... Read More »

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(17 votes)

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes brings Diablo style gameplay to the Marvel franchise to create an MMO action RPG blend that is available for free. The game has a huge list of playable characters that Marvel fans will instantly recognise. The story in Marvel Heroes follows the Cosmic Cube, the evil Doctor Doom an... Read More »

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(26 votes)

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a popular action role-playing game published by THQ and is available for Windows. The game was released in 2006 with an expansion pack (Immortal Throne) released in 2007 that improved many of the core game features. If after reading this brief overview of Titan Quest you decide i... Read More »

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(46 votes)

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is a Diablo inspired action role playing game developed by Runic Games. The game was released for digital download in September 2012 with a playable demo also available so you can easily try before you buy. The game is packed full of fun and unique features with plenty of innovatio... Read More »

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(34 votes)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing brings action role playing to the Van Helsing universe and has you playing as the legendary vampire hunter as he travels Eastern Europe to rid the world of many dark creatures. Set in 19th century Europe the game centres on the story of Dracula with quit... Read More »

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(11 votes)

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (ToV) continues the DeathSpank series with another hilarious instalment in this action role playing series. The game released only a few months after the first game and is again available across all major platforms. Thongs of Virtue continues the adventures of Death... Read More »

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(10 votes)


Bastion is a unique action RPG developed by the independent game company, Supergiant Games. The game is available on Xbox Live Arcade, Windows, Mac, iOS and is even available on Google Chrome. In Bastion players play a character known as ‘the Kid’ from an isometric angle in a colourful and impr... Read More »

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(20 votes)

The Baconing

The Baconing is the third game in the DeathSpank series and has players starting a new adventure. Gameplay is a similar experience to the first two games with humour also returning as a core game element. This new adventure once again follows DeathSpank and his crazy adventures. After deciding ... Read More »

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(13 votes)


Torchlight was developed by Runic Games and released in 2009, eventually making its way to Xbox 360 in 2011. The game is a single player action RPG that is very similar to the Diablo series in terms of gameplay. The setting for your adventure is the town of Torchlight, a mining town built on to... Read More »

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(11 votes)

Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda: Heroes expands on the highly popular Taichi Panda formula with another release of mobile action RPG gameplay. This time around you’ll have a range of collectible heroes to take into battle, level up and find ideal equipment for your selected champion in addition to new MMO f... Read More »

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(6 votes)

Kings Road

Kings Road is a browser based online RPG and is part of the increasing number of games that aim to combine Diablo style gameplay with MMO features. The game was developed by Rumble Entertainment with a release in March 2013. In terms of storyline Kings Road is what you would expect with players... Read More »

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(25 votes)


If you like your action RPGs to be light-hearted and full of humour then DeathSpank will be your perfect game. The game is available across all major platforms and will send you on a comedy filled adventure. In the game you’ll play as DeathSpank as he quests to find a special item known only as... Read More »

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(10 votes)

Solomon’s Keep

Solomon’s Keep offers a free, simple and addicting action RPG experience for your iOS device. The game has simplistic gameplay with a nice balance of depth and strategy for people needing more of a challenge. The game was released by Rapidsoft in April 2010 with a hit sequel to the game (Solomo... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda aims to achieve what very few games have on mobile devices, deliver an impressive hack and slash adventure that feels responsive and has the feature list of bigger titles in the genre. Taking place in a mythical world full of the usual demons, bandits and goblins players will bet a... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Diablo II

Diablo II (Diablo 2) is the second game in the series of hack and slash action role playing games developed by Blizzard. An expansion pack (Lord of Destruction) for the game was released a year after the core game adding new classes, mechanics and an extra chapter to the game story. In this seq... Read More »

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(13 votes)

Diablo III

Diablo III (Diablo 3) is an action RPG experience that was long awaited by fans of the series. Launching in May 2012 with an expansion pack (Reaper of Souls) in 2014 the game continues the story of angels, demons and humans in Sanctuary. Players will choose from one of five character classes (s... Read More »

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