10 Games Like FooPets

Games like FooPets In these free browser and mobile games like FooPets players can adopt their very own pets, monsters and creatures while caring, breeding and training them.

Offering up a real life pet experience FooPets is a browser game that lets players adopt their very own realistic virtual pet from a number of popular puppy and kitten breeds. Promising the most realistic virtual pets FooPets focuses on teaching players how to properly care for their pets by imitating real life hunger, thirst and play. Thus, serving as a great stepping stone for young children before their first real pet.

Free to play players of FooPets can adopt up to 3 cuddly friends (expanded to 60 for ClubFoo members) while also breeding baby Foopets, spending their virtual currency on new items for their pet or spending it on scenery decoration to create the perfect home. All the while playing regularly with their pet, cleaning up after them and petting them in a realistic fashion.

The games like FooPets contained below also let you adopt a cute pet or monster with emphasis on caring for them. These free pet games (browser and mobile) also let players breed, decorate, customise, dress, care for and play with their new virtual friend.

Games Like FooPets


My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo has a similar feel to Upjers other popular tycoon management game My Fantastic Park. The game is free to play and runs in your browser making it very accessible. In My Free Zoo you’re approached by director Welmington and he begs you to help save the zoo from financial disaster. The... Read More »

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Wauies – The Pet Shop Game

For those gamers that love to care for animals Wauies – The Pet Shop Game allows you to do just that with a range of cats and dogs to fill your very own pet shop. Players start with a fairly small business and are given the keys to ownership right at the start. As the store owner turning this p... Read More »

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Cat Safari

Cat Safari is a unique mobile title that combines the incremental genre with cat breeding. While simple the addicting and progression based nature of the game ensures you’ll enjoy discovering each new breed and satisfying your customers needs. Gameplay in Cat Safari sees kitten crates dro... Read More »

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DogHotel Free: My Dog Boarding Kennel

If the idea of running your very own dog kennel sounds like a dream come true then DogHotel Free: My Dog Boarding Kennel can make it a reality. Manage your very own dog resort as you push your dog care skills to the max caring for up to eight different dog breeds. Part dog simulation game and m... Read More »

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My First Dog

Featuring real time pet simulation with plenty of interaction with your furry friend, My First Dog is an app available on both Android and iOS devices from PlayBean Co. Greeted by Dr. Meow in the pet store players will get to choose from a range of puppies to adopt. These options include the Be... Read More »

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Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story combines cuddly pets with management and breeding to deliver an enjoyable free to play mobile game. Ultimately you’ll get to run your own dream pet shop . TeamLava have a long track record of developing Story themed games and Pet Shop Story is no exception to the level of q... Read More »

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Dogzer is a free to play game that any fan of dogs will love to be a part of. Blurring the lines between social network and MMO Dogzer lets you adopt a virtual dog and look after it while participating in a large community of dog lovers. With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from t... Read More »

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Horzer offers similar gameplay to Dogzer, except that it trades dogs for horses. If you’re seeking a game that lets you train horses, compete in equestrian competitions, be part of a community and have a horse related job few games compare to the browser based experience of Horzer. When c... Read More »

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Monster Pet Shop

Have you ever thought that you would like to work in a pet shop? How about a Monster Pet Shop? In this latest offering from Beeline Interactive it is up to you to manage your own store as you breed and raise all sorts of unique monsters to sell for profit. With the freedom to build your own hab... Read More »

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