5 Games Like For Honor

Games like For Honor Our curated list of games like For Honor features more hack and slash fighting games that focus on skills and physics to recreate a realistic hand to hand fighting experience.

Developed for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by Ubisoft the game centres around close quarters realistic combat between knights, vikings and samurai all controlled through a third person perspective.

Action is at the heart of For Honor with the fantasy and medieval setting providing an appropriate game backdrop. Joining the ranks of The Chosen Samurai, The Warborn Vikings and The Iron Legion Knights players will command their own samurai, viking and knight respectively. Within each faction there are a number of further classes that alter gameplay and strategy.

From the balanced Vanguard class which has equal offensive and defensive capabilities to the Assassin who focuses on fast and swift attacks to the Heavies who can take a beating. For Honor also incorporates several hybrid classes that have more unique and uncommon battle flows. Combat aims to be highly tactical in comparison to previous titles with duels placing importance on the likes of stance, weapon position and parrying would be attacks by reacting to indicators.

Throughout the single player game players can explore the variety of weapons, skills and styles while gaining Feats which serve as additional perks to help players combat the large number of enemy AI with the likes of arrows, catapults and healing abilities. Some of which also makes an appearance in the multiplayer portion of the game.

The games like For Honor here offer a similar focus on realistic combat where you'll slice and hack AI controlled opponents and human ones.

Games Like For Honor


War of the Roses

War of the Roses lets players customise their own soldier as they fight in a number of medieval era wars. The depth of customisation is simply crazy allowing you to create a soldier with their own unique equipment and perks. The games focus is on the multiplayer environment with support for up ... Read More »

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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II (PVK) is a free to play action game that uses medieval style combat. The game is actually a modification for Half Life 2 and as such requires a Source game to play (see Steam for the full list of games that meet this requirement). Pirates, Vikings and Knights II ... Read More »

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Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is the second game in the series of action role playing games that blend strategic elements published by Paradox Interactive. The game adds improved graphics, multiplayer and an extra faction for players to experience along with some other minor improvements that buil... Read More »

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Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior (2013) remakes the highly popular original game which was released in 1997 and shares the same name. While the game is a first person shooter the melee combat is very impressive and often the most effective. In this demonic adventure players will assume the role of Lo Wang, a Jap... Read More »

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Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash is a game that focuses on hand to hand combat in a truly wacky game world. The game first launched on Windows in 2009 with a Xbox 360 release the following year. In Zeno Clash you’ll be exploring the fantasy world of Zenozoik as Ghat. Ghat is running from his siblings after killing t... Read More »

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