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16 Games Like Game Dev Tycoon

Games Like Game Dev Tycoon This collection of business simulation games like Game Dev Tycoon lists other games where you’ll have the opportunity to create your own empire.

Game Dev Tycoon is a unique offering in the business simulation and management genre with an experience that lets you lead your very own gaming company out of the golden age of arcade games and into the future of gaming (while hopefully making some cash along the way). With a tonne of elements to manage in each game players can lead their tiny company to become to next gaming powerhouse or send it crumbling into ruins like many game developers of the past.

Starting off slow in the 80s players will work out of their garage to craft their first simple game. With some luck players will find some early success allowing them to move into their very own office environment and eventually recruiting a team to work on larger and more complex games. Maybe you’ll make a AAA shooter or a cult class simulation game or perhaps a bug filled open world game that will bring down your company for good.

Whichever path players find themselves travelling on the wealth of control ensures that the fate of your beloved gaming company is in your hands.

The games like Game Dev Tycoon collected below offer a similar experience by putting you at the head of your very own empire. In these games you’ll get to design your own theme parks, railroads and other empires on a variety of platforms.

Games Like Game Dev Tycoon


Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital puts you at the head of your very own hospital as you try to cure patients of all sorts of medical issues. The game is playable within your browser and just like the other games produced by Upjers you’ll find a high quality experience that doesn’t push you to make in game pu... Read More »

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(25 votes)

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a free to play transportation MMO that puts you at the head of your own rail empire. The game comes from Travian Games who publish other popular games such as Travian and Miramagia so you know that you are in good hands. At the heart of the game you’ll find a strategy experience ... Read More »

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(13 votes)

Prison Architect

Maximum security prisons aren’t an easy line of business but one you’ll become expert in by the end of Prison Architect, a game that takes the management simulation genre into the private construction business. Prison Architect takes place in a top-down 2D environment and clearly dr... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Fiz: The Brewery Management Game

Home brewing and craft beers are on the rise and Fiz: The Brewery Management Game allows you to jump on this bandwagon without the investment in real world equipment. Available for iOS and Android Fiz gives you the keys to your very own brewery and lets you lead the direction your small company... Read More »

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(6 votes)

Empire TV Tycoon

Empire TV Tycoon is all about guiding your own television channel to become the most viewed in the world. Step into the shoes of TV manager as you acquire your audience, choose advertisers, select your staff and even find appropriate actors. If you’ve ever thought you could run a televisi... Read More »

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(7 votes)

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is a high quality simulation game from Kairosoft who has a fairly large portfolio of such games. With many challenges ahead of you making the ultimate video game company is hardly as easy as one might think. Your objective in Game Dev Story is to manage your own game company and ... Read More »

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(6 votes)

The Movies

The Movies offers a unique and incredibly fun mix of life simulation and tycoon business management. This makes it the perfect tycoon game that also has great appeal to fans of The Sims series of video games. The Movies was developed by Lionhead Studies for the PC back in 2005 with a Mac port b... Read More »

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(81 votes)

Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is a unique game with monster training aspects for your Android and iOS devices. The game is free to play and published by Kairosoft who have a track record of producing some amazingly fun smartphone games with unique mechanics. BeastieBay is no exception offering a mix of Pokemon a... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Anime Studio Story

Choose the direction that you’re small time anime studio takes in Kairosoft’s Anime Studio Story management game. Joining a larger list of games in this genre from their development team this game follows the typical formula but changes the skin to an Anime one. Giving you control o... Read More »

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(4 votes)

Band Stars

If you’ve thought about starting your own band but lack the musical talent to do so Band Stars is the answer. This iOS and Android game lets you live the dream by creating your own band with unique musicians. To start your musical adventure players will select their four starting band mem... Read More »

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(4 votes)

Game Corp DX

Game Corp DX delivers an enhanced version of the popular free to play game (Game Corp) with a large feature list there is plenty of room to manage your own gaming company without being bogged down by complex mechanics. In your Game Corp DX adventure your job is to take your simple game company ... Read More »

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(10 votes)


GamersGoMakers lets you experience the growth of the video game market first hand through your own computer company which starts in the early days of the industry. Before each game players will get to name their company, select a difficultly level, customise their looks and choose the starting ... Read More »

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(4 votes)

Magazine Mogul

Taking the success of Game Dev Story Kairosoft has now imported this popular formula into Magazine Mogul, a magazine studio management game. You’ll lead your growth, find the coverage, brainstorm new ideas, hire your fierce editorial team and expand your office space. Creating magazines r... Read More »

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(4 votes)

Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital is another gaming classic developed by Bullfrog Productions and puts you at the head of controlling your own hospital with a twist of humour. The game originally launched in 1997 for Windows and Mac eventually making its way to the PlayStation, it is still available through the P... Read More »

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(11 votes)

Evil Genius

Evil Genius mixes simulation and real time strategy putting players in charge of their own evil villain lair (complete with plans for world domination). The game launched in 2004 with development by Elixir Studios. The game is set somewhere in the 1960s or 1970s and offers a humorous and light ... Read More »

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(19 votes)


StarTopia was put together by former Bullfrog employees and has you take control of several space stations as you attempt to create a thriving space hub for the galaxy. StarTopia was released back in 2001 and features the same humour filled gameplay that made the Dungeon Keeper series and simil... Read More »

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(12 votes)