26 Games Like League of Legends (LoL)

Games Like League of Legends
Our MOBA games like League of Legends page offers great multiplayer online battle arena games that offer both strategic and action gameplay.

League of Legends is the most popular in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre and offers an accessible experience that can be played by casual gamers but also has enough room for skill and strategy that allow it to thrive in an eSports environment.

In League of Legends players can select from over 100 different champions to take into battle on various maps and game modes. 5v5 gameplay on Summoner’s Rift is the most popular in the community and for competitive play. The champions in the game all have their own unique role and skills to give the game potentially endless replay value.

Unlike other games in the genre League of Legends allows customisation outside of the core game to alter a player’s strengths and weaknesses. This is achieved through the mastery and rune systems which players slowly unlock as they level up their game account.

The MOBA games like League of Legends (LoL) featured on this page include some of the very best free, online (no download), iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android MOBA games for fans of this strategic but also action orientated genre. All of these games have a strong user base and receive regular updates so you will never be short on content to experience.

Don’t forget that the games like League of Legends featured below can be sorted based on their user ratings. We encourage all visitors to cast their own votes and contribute to these scores.

Games Like League of Legends



Smite (SMITE) introduces the third person perspective into the MOBA genre as opposed to the isometric (top-down) views of most other games in the genre. The game is free to play and available for Windows operating systems with the player taking control of a single god (from a large collection) ... Read More »

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Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis brings the DC Universe to life with a MOBA inspired game that is simple to learn but provides all the depth that you want to see in a massively multiplayer online battle arena game. With characters like the Joker, Cyborg, Batman, Catwoman, Flash, Wonder Woman and so many others ... Read More »

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Dawngate steps away from the cloning mentality of the MOBA genre and redesigns the experience with some unique approaches that will no doubt impress both long term and new MOBA players. Joining the many free to play MOBA games supported by micro transactions it’s easy to access all the content ... Read More »

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Strife is reinventing the MOBA genre to be less toxic, more action orientated and simpler for those just starting out. It’s a tough order to fill in the ever growing space of MOBA games but with some of the features that Strife is offering it has a greater chance than any to make it work. While... Read More »

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Dota 2

Dota 2 is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by the Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is the sequel the the original MOBA game (Defense of the Ancients) which grew from humble beginnings as a mod for the popular Warcraft III video game. Dota 2 is free to play and officially... Read More »

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Prime World

Prime World is an extremely unique MOBA experience that combines a crazy amount of customisation into its gameplay. The game mixes battle arena matches with a castle building system where players grow their available talents. The game easily takes the top prize for the most unique MOBA to be re... Read More »

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SmashMuck Champions

SmashMuck Champions is a fast paced battle arena experience that combines the speed of Bloodline Champions with the depth of League of Legends. It is perfect for the casual gamer looking to get into a MOBA without a large time commitment. The game has an impressive list of champions to choose f... Read More »

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AirMech puts a new spin on the MOBA genre offering a unique strategy experience. AirMech (sometimes AM) is based on a free to play model and is being developed by Carbon Games for the Windows platform. The game has many aspects that are similar to the popular MOBA genre currently sweeping the g... Read More »

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Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions is a free to play game that offers fast paced arena combat but is often compared to MOBA games due to its large champion variety and skill based battles. While your entire experience with Bloodline Champions can be a free to play one the game does offers plenty of paid optio... Read More »

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Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is another one of the big MOBA games available and is developed by S2 Games. The game was originally released in 2010 and went free-to-play nearly a year later. Like other multiplayer online battle arena games updates and gameplay changes are offered on a regular basis t... Read More »

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Awesomenauts offers a fun 2D multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) experience that is available across multiple platforms. Awesomenauts was developed by Ronimo Games and was originally released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a PC and Mac release a few months later. Awesomenauts takes ... Read More »

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Solstice Arena

Solstice Arena is Zynga’s attempt to break into the lucrative multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. The game focuses on fast paced 3v3 combat and is available for free on your iOS device or Windows computer (through Steam). Solstice Arena shines in the multiplayer game modes where you w... Read More »

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Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 is a free to play FPS game that was the first to introduce a MOBA inspired game mode into the genre which has proven extremely popular with gamers. If you’ve ever wished there was a FPS MOBA game that captures the gameplay of top FPS games like Call of Duty but combines it with ... Read More »

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Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is a free to play MOBA game that utilises a third person shooter perspective. The game is one of the few MOBA shooters and has proven very successful amongst gamers. Super Monday Night Combat plays out like your standard MOBA experience with players being placed... Read More »

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Guardians of Middle Earth

Guardians of Middle Earth offers a MOBA experience for console gamers and is available on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, making it one of the few console MOBA options. The game draws heavily from the Lord of the Rings universe so it has particular appeal to fans of LOTR. Guardians of Midd... Read More »

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Forge blends aspects of several genres to deliver a MOBA like experience that is most easily compared to Smite in terms of gameplay. After a less than impressive launch as a paid title Forge went free to play which significantly boosted the player base. Forge is set in a world where a number of... Read More »

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Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes combines turn based strategy with the multiplayer online battle arena genre to create a slower based experience than other games in the genre. The game was developed by Sneaky Games for PC, Mac and iOS (iPad only). Arena of Heroes takes place in a science fiction setting which i... Read More »

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Big Story Little Heroes

Want a light, casual and extremely fun MOBA experience for your browser? Big Story Little Heroes may just be your answer, a free to play MOBA style game played through Facebook. As a Facebook game you can expect plenty of social based features that easily let you team up with your Facebook frie... Read More »

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Crazy MOBA Online

Crazy MOBA Online brings the popular genre into the browser realm with a free to play offering that runs off the Unity engine. If you want a multiplayer battle arena that you can start playing without having to download a large client this will be your best option. On the surface Crazy MOBA Onl... Read More »

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Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a highly rated mobile MOBA game for iOS and Android devices and was also one of the first to bring the popular MOBA genre to mobile platforms. The game is developed by Gamesoft and was released in November 2012. Gameplay in Heroes of Order & Chaos is what you ... Read More »

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Minions is unique in terms of the multiplayer online battler arena (MOBA) genre in that it is played online in your browser. This means you can play the game anywhere you want or load it up on an old laptop if you are looking to kill some time. The game is completely free to play and was releas... Read More »

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Plants War

Plants Wars is part of the increasing popularity of mobile MOBA style games and delivers a simple but fun game for your iOS or Android device that is packed full of different plant based champions to use in battle. The game is only a single player experience which makes it great if love the MOB... Read More »

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Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes is mobile based MOBA experience available on the iOS and Android platforms. The game focuses on 3v3 battles and packs hours of content into its single player campaign which means you can play the game anywhere without worrying about using up your monthly data download limit. Th... Read More »

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Panzar is another one of the MOBA games adopting a third person perspective rather than an isometric one. Like many in the genre it’s a free to play experience and promises plenty of depth. Panzar is set in a game world that simply exists for the lust of war. You’ll join in on this world as fou... Read More »

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Demigod falls under the MOBA game genre and has players taking control of their own demigod in a mixture of strategy, role playing and action. Demigod has a focus on multiplayer gameplay but also offers a great single player experience which is still rare in the MOBA game genre, making it parti... Read More »

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Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Xbox 360 users can get their taste of the action strategy genre with Guilty Gear 2: Overture, a game that belongs to the Guilty Gear series but takes a totally different direction. The games appeal is definitely tenfold for followers of the long running Guilty Gear franchise but don’t let that ... Read More »

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