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14 Games Like Overwatch

Games Like OverwatchOur compilation of games like Overwatch features high quality multiplayer first person shooters that let you command a variety of characters and roles.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s step into the first person shooter arena, going into a 2015 beta with a 2016 release. Focused on co-operative gameplay and the use of various heroes that bring their own abilities and roles to the field of battle Overwatch borrows but also enhances mechanics from the games before it. The setting for this fast paced and varied shooter is a futuristic Earth where artificial intelligence has created global conflict on a mass scale.

Gameplay pits small teams of other players against each other on a variety of maps and game modes with varying objectives. A number of these maps draw inspiration from real world locations.

In order to participate players select from one of the available character who broadly fall into the roles of offence, defence, tank and support. These archetypes alter the playstyle of each character and their available abilities, giving the game an almost MOBA feel.

This list of games like Overwatch features the best titles in the first person genre. Focus has been placed on shooters with class mechanics that alter your role and abilities along with games that instead focus on your weapon and gear loadout have also been included.

Games Like Overwatch



Warframe is a free shooter available for PC and the PlayStation 4. It’s co-operatively focused and uses a third person perspective, the game gained lots of traction after a 2013 release. The game has a sci-fi twist with players talking control of a Tenno warrior who has come out of cryosleep af... Read More »

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Blacklight: Retribution

Set in a cyberpunk world is Blacklight: Retribution, a free to shooter available for both Windows and PlayStation 4. Offering massive weapon customisation and strong graphics it is on the higher quality spectrum of free to play shooters. Blacklight is all about combining the futuristic technolo... Read More »

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(31 votes)


Blending MOBA, 3D, colours and third person shooting Gigantic is a game that has long been in development. With its eventual release the result is a visually appealing and fluid game that has plenty of great depth for the committed player to explore. The influences of the game are many and inst... Read More »

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(2 votes)

Dirty Bomb

For objective based shooters it is hard to ignore what Dirty Bomb brings to this popular shooter formula. With a host of large multi-objective maps to conquer with your own team of unique mercenaries with different abilities. Set after a wave of attacks cripple London the leaders on both side o... Read More »

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(6 votes)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The wacky Plants vs Zombie themed shooter is back with a sequel that introduces new characters and plenty of single player content for those that don’t want to solely focus on the multiplayer scene. Game design wise most of the core features have remained the same with the game set just a... Read More »

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Battleborn offers a blend of multiplayer and singleplayer shooting action with a similar style of humour to the Borderlands franchise. With over two dozen heroes that can be altered further with gear and helix options the strength of the game lies within the variety of ways to engage in combat.... Read More »

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(7 votes)

Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer FPS game developed for Windows, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The game originally launched as a paid title but went free to play for Windows which saw the player population grow rapidly. The game has great humour in its gameplay and offers a light hearte... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Team Fortress 2

If you want a more casual first person shooter experience that is also free to pick up and play then Team Fortress 2 (TF2) will deliver on your desires. The game focuses  on co-operative gameplay with emphasis on team based game modes and different characters that support each other in differen... Read More »

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(29 votes)

Tribes Ascend

Tribes Ascend focuses on providing a fast paced and free to play first person shooter experience on Windows. The game also blends a futuristic setting with a deep class systems that provides plenty of depth to players. The core elements of Tribes Ascend that allow the game to be a fast pace exp... Read More »

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(8 votes)

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a free to play shooter that aims to capture the feeling of massive combat engagements. Players will get to control a huge variety of vehicles and classes as they battle it out against hundreds and sometimes thousands of players. In the game you’ll have to swear allegiance to one... Read More »

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(17 votes)

Block N Load

Block N Load blends sandbox with the class based shooter to create a strategic 5 on 5 FPS where you’ll get to remake the environment to meet your needs while also playing as a host of colourful characters. Gameplay in Block N Load is split into two distinct game phases; the build phase an... Read More »

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(7 votes)

Cronix Online

After captivating a Korean audience Cronix Online is crossing the seas to bring it’s unique action orientated multiplayer gameplay to the rest of the world. It feels very much like a MOBA experience but offers a wide range of gameplay and a more action focused experience. The game world i... Read More »

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(17 votes)

S4 League

S4 League is a stylish fast paced shooter with sci-fi and MMO elements at the heart of the game. With a catchy techno soundtrack it offers a less tactical approach to the genre where you can jump into a game and instantly be in the thick of action. The focus of S4 League is definitely on variet... Read More »

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Super Monday Night Combat

Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is a free to play MOBA game that utilises a third person shooter perspective. The game is one of the few MOBA shooters and has proven very successful amongst gamers. Super Monday Night Combat plays out like your standard MOBA experience with players being placed... Read More »

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