12 Games Like Pixel Gun 3D

Games like Pixel Gun 3D These games like Pixel Gun 3D features more pixel shooters with an emphasis on mobile (iOS and Android) titles with a large range of weapons and maps.

Pixel Gun 3D is a highly popular mobile multiplayer shooter that offers several game modes and over 100 upgradeable weapons for players to take into combat and the equally varied game maps. Additional features include a clan system, single player campaign and the ability to create unique skins to show off in front of other players

With tens of millions of downloads across the respective app stores, Pixel Gun 3D attracts one of the largest multiplayer mobile audiences with a healthy community for the co-operative and competitive game modes offered by Pixel Gun 3D, be it the staple death match formula, team death match variant, capture the flag or one of the more obscure modes. With support for up to 8 players (4 in co-operative) and built in chat the multiplayer experience of Pixel Gun 3D has seen it shine in the genre.

The games like Pixel Gun 3D curated below offer mobile and non-mobile multiplayer games that are easy to get into and offer a wealth of multiplayer (co-operative or competitive) to explore. These titles also offer single player campaigns, tonnes of weapons and pixelated graphics.

Games Like Pixel Gun 3D



Roblox is a free to play online game with a focus on building and user generated content. In Roblox you can focus on creating or enter the thousands of worlds created by other players. Roblox has been online since 2005 and features a mostly teenager demographic with popular game modes such as b... Read More »

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Critical Ops

Focusing on a multiplayer online experience Critical Ops takes plenty of inspiration from the popular Counter Strike franchise and brings it to the mobile arena. Critical Ops does not play around when it comes to honing in your focus on finding a game and getting into the action as soon as prac... Read More »

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With an impressively large collection of offline missions and colourful multiplayer Respawnables appeals to both sides of the fence. Jump into the impressive shooter experience for iOS and Android devices. Wasting no time on letting players choose a match Respawnables allows your level 1 charac... Read More »

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Block Strike

Created from the Unity Engine Block Strike is a pixelated first person shooter for those with Android devices. With an insane number of game modes, various weapon skins and a health player pool the game has overcome simple design to become a staple Android FPS. After completing the basic tutori... Read More »

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Blitz Brigade

Available for both mobile devices and Windows Blitz Brigade is a simple team based shooter that supports up to 6v6 battles. If you enjoy the team based battles and classes of Team Fortress 2 and want something similar for mobile Blitz Brigade will tick that box. Featuring 6 classes and a multit... Read More »

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LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting

Offering up a multiplayer shooter experience exclusive to Android devices LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting lets you take control of a number of weapons across various game types. LOSTGUNS: Multiplayer Shooting is a simplistic game, allowing players to join in the game action right from the start.... Read More »

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3079 is a unique and challenging game that blends a number of genres together to create a sci-fi action role playing meets first person shooter experience. On the one hand you’ve got random generation and a voxel game world that feels like Minecraft but then you’ve got role playing and shooter ... Read More »

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Block N Load

Block N Load blends sandbox with the class based shooter to create a strategic 5 on 5 FPS where you’ll get to remake the environment to meet your needs while also playing as a host of colourful characters. Gameplay in Block N Load is split into two distinct game phases; the build phase an... Read More »

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Kogama offers a social based building experience that can be played within your browser. The game is similar to Roblox and has players designing their own levels which can then be played by others. Kogama has slowly grown from a simple building experience to include a large collection of buildi... Read More »

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Brick Force

Brick Force combines block building gameplay with first person shooting to create a fun mixture of genres. The game is free to play and because of its Unity engine design, can be played in your browser or downloaded for Windows and Mac play. Customisation is huge in Brick Force giving it an MMO... Read More »

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Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades combines FPS gameplay with Minecraft style building elements to create one of the few shooter games like Minecraft available. Ace of Spades went into beta in 2011 and in 2012 development was passed over to Jagex Game Studios. The game eventually made its way to Steam for a full re... Read More »

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Guncraft is a first person shooter that lets you build your very own weapons to take into battle. You can also construct and destroy environments as you play. The game is voxel-based and available through Steam with an Xbox release also planned for the future. The FPS experience is well balance... Read More »

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