9 Games Like Pixie Hollow

Games Like Pixie Hollow Our collection of games like Pixie Hollow offers other online virtual places where you can socialise with others, customise a character and play games.

Aimed at young girls Pixie Hollow offered a 2D browser based experience that allowed players to create their own unique fairy and explore the game world based on the Pixie Hollow and Tinker Bell franchise. Within this world players could play mini games, decorate their own fairy homes and even make friends with other fairy players.

Packed full of side activities and quests the game promised hundreds of hours of gameplay and was very popular among its target demographic. Unfortunately in late 2013 Disney decided to shut down Pixie Hollow and several other browser games that they operated. Despite an effort from fans to save the game and encourage Disney to reconsider the game was eventually shut down.

The games like Pixie Hollow on this page offer other browser based experiences for young children to play games and socialise with others their age. The games below have a focus towards games that will interest young girls although some will appeal to players of both genders.

Games Like Pixie Hollow

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Poptropica is free online game designed for children and teenagers that offers a virtual world mixed with a number of role playing elements. The game is owned by Person PLC and was released in September 2007. Poptropica has quickly grown since it went live to over 550 million user accounts with... Read More »

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Fantage is a popular MMO that offers young children, tweens and even teenagers (ages 5 to 16) a virtual world to explore and interact with. The game is extremely popular and also one of the very best in the genre. Fantage is played online and was released in April 2008, as of early 2012 the gam... Read More »

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Secret Builders

Secret Builders is a virtual world that targets children between the ages of 5 and 14. Parents will find that underneath the fun and addicting gameplay of Secret Builders that there is plenty of educational content for their child to experience. Secret Builders is available for free and played ... Read More »

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Dogzer is a free to play game that any fan of dogs will love to be a part of. Blurring the lines between social network and MMO Dogzer lets you adopt a virtual dog and look after it while participating in a large community of dog lovers. With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from t... Read More »

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Horzer offers similar gameplay to Dogzer, except that it trades dogs for horses. If you’re seeking a game that lets you train horses, compete in equestrian competitions, be part of a community and have a horse related job few games compare to the browser based experience of Horzer. When c... Read More »

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Kingdom Island

Kingdom Island offers an online virtual world adventure that combines gaming, making new friends and customising your character. With a large island to explore and all the features to make a fun and enjoyable game Kingdom Island is a great place to hang out regardless of your age. Players in Ki... Read More »

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Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet (MSP) offers a social experience for young children and tweens that has them living their dream of becoming a movie star. The game can be played online but has also released apps for Android and iOS with similar gameplay. Just like other games in the genre, Movie Star Planet m... Read More »

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