10 Games Like Puzzle Quest

Games Like Puzzle Quest Our collection of games like Puzzle Quest features other puzzle matching games that blend with RPG elements on multiple platforms.

The Puzzle Quest franchise is a well-known series of games that combines a match three puzzle game board with role playing elements. The game contains a large number of titles across various platforms along with a number of licensed titles (such as Marvel Puzzle Quest).

Taking control of a character (or several) that each have their own statistics players will create matches of game pieces to trigger attacks, spells and other actions. Players must also take into account how their moves will impact the game board as to prevent powerful matches from opening up for their opponents. Along the way quests will become available to players while equipment and character levels will improve.

This simple nature of the game has allowed it to thrive on countless platforms and has been revived on mobile in particular where the simple mechanics but added depth is well suited.

The games like Puzzle Quest found here cover a range of platforms (PC, iOS, Android) allowing you to get your puzzle fix regardless of preference. These games just like the Puzzle Quest franchise offer a three match puzzle game on the surface but also offer RPG elements.

Games Like Puzzle Quest


Battle Camp

Battle Camp is one of the most detailed and in depth monster training and battle games currently available on mobile devices. Fans of the likes of Pokemon will feel right at home as you create your dream team to complete the lengthy quest driven storyline or create the ultimate PvP fighting for... Read More »

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Best Fiends

Combining match three puzzle gaming with light monster role playing elements is Best Fiends. Using your own team of monsters (known as Fiends) you’ll battle against the slugs all while finding new characters for your team and evolving current ones. Set in the cute land of Minutia players will b... Read More »

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Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop Is a match three puzzle game with a twist, not only will you have to make your way through hundreds of gummy themed levels players will also need to rebuild society by collecting the necessary building materials. This building element adds something extra and gives meaning to the end... Read More »

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10000000 (Ten Million)

10000000 (Ten Million) is one of the few games that combines puzzle and role playing elements together. Originally released on the iOS platform the game is now also available through Steam and on Android. Your goal in the game (which is kind of implied in the name) is to amass a score of 10 mil... Read More »

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Dungeon Raid

Love the tile connecting puzzle genre but want something with a bit more substance to it? Dungeon Raid blends simple puzzle mechanics with a deep RPG style experience where you’ll level up and equip hundreds of different items. You’ll start your Dungeon Raid adventure by choosing your name, if ... Read More »

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Marvel Puzzle Quest

Using the formula from the incredibly popular Puzzle Quest franchise and giving it a Marvel skin is Marvel Puzzle Quest, a free to play game focused around the development of your ultimate Marvel team and using your match three puzzle skills to take down tough opponents. The game features all y... Read More »

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Puzzle & Dragons

If you love the casual puzzle matching genre but want a game with a bit more action to its gameplay you might just like Puzzle & Dragons, which offers a mixture of RPG and puzzle matching. The game began its app journey in Japan during early 2012 and thanks to its huge success there the gam... Read More »

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Cavemania isn’t your average match three strategy experience and promises something unique. You can grab a copy of the game in the respective Android or iOS App Store for free. The game is perfect for casual gamers but also has enough depth to its mechanics that hardcore gamers will also be int... Read More »

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Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft is the kind of the game that always has something new to do with players never short on activities. The game mixes puzzle matching and basic city building together to deliver an addicting blend of puzzle, strategy and resource management. In the game the player is charged with buil... Read More »

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Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle blends elements from several genres together to create a cute, competitive and highly addicting puzzle game. The core gameplay involves a match three puzzle game (similar to Candy Crush) where players match animal symbols together. At the start of your Zookeeper Battle experien... Read More »

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