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17 Games Like Sins of a Solar Empire

Games Like Sins of a Solar Empire This selection of games like Sins of a Solar Empire includes other strategy adventures that use space, starships and even 4X elements.

Sins of a Solar Empire is one of the more unique sci-fi video games drawing on elements from the popular 4X games but combining it with real time strategy components and an entire galaxy. With three playable races to command across the stars along with a sandbox mode the massive scale of the game and it’s gorgeous 3D environments are regularly praised by reviewers.

The game focuses on the management of your own space faring race with resource collection, trade route establishment, bounties and planet based infrastructure dominating much of the gameplay on offer. The game also includes a huge amount of diplomacy though along with plenty of different technologies and units to incorporate into your master strategy.

These elements are often why the game is referred to more of a 4X experience rather than a real time one although fans in both strategy camps have fallen in love with the mixture that Sins of a Solar Empire brings forward.

The games like Sins of a Solar Empire on this page include other classic space orientated games that either play in real time or are turn based with 4X elements.

Games Like Sins of a Solar Empire


Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a MMO experience that lets you to take control of your own starship and explore the vast depths of space. The game is published by Gaijin Entertainment and is free to play after downloading the client onto your computer. The game features beautiful 3D graphics with an emphasis ... Read More »

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DarkOrbit offers a space orientated MMO that lets players take control of their own spaceship. Best of all the game is free to play and can be played online within your browser. DarkOrbit was developed by Bigpoint Games with arelease in 2006 making it one of the longer lasting MMO experiences. ... Read More »

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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet offers an interesting space strategy video game that relies on a fleet based combat journey that will take you from one side of the galaxy to another in order to save your home planet. The game depicts the war between the A’Kari and Orthani races who have been... Read More »

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Flotilla gives you a bite sized space exploration and combat game that gives you 7 months to explore the galaxy and encounter as many random events as possible. Flotilla ensures that no two games are the same thanks to the many randomised elements of the adventure portion of the game. This adve... Read More »

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Vega Conflict

Vega Conflict was developed by Kixeye and is a space based MMO that lets you capture the galaxy with strategy and cunning tactics. Vega Conflict is as impressive as it comes in the MMO real time strategy genre with great visuals, amazingly fast load screens and plenty of vital small features th... Read More »

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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds takes the Star Wars franchise into the RTS game genre. The game uses the same engine as Age of Empires (1 and 2) so it has a very AoE style feel to its gameplay. It was released in 2001 with an expansion (Clone Campaigns) being released a year later, adding two... Read More »

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Endless Space

Endless Space is a science fiction 4X turn based strategy game that was released for Windows and Mac in 2012. The game was developed by Amplitude Studios and has drawn comparison to the Civilization series, Space Empires, Master of Orion and Alpha Centauri. Endless Space is packed full of conte... Read More »

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(17 votes)

Space Empires V

Space Empires V was released in 2006 and was developed by Malfador Machinations. The game offers a 4X turn based experience that is very similar to that of the Civilization series. The game builds on many of the gameplay elements, races and technologies from the previous games in the series (su... Read More »

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Sword of the Stars

Sword of the Stars belongs to the 4X space genre and features four different races (six with expansions) for players to use in their quest for galactic domination. The game shares similarities with the Total War series in that it blends turn based gameplay with tactical real time space combat. ... Read More »

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Galactic Civilizations II

Galactic Civilizations II is the second game in a series of 4X space strategy games developed by Stardock. The game is a turn based experience and was released in early 2006. The game saw two expansion packs released in subsequent years titled Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Amor. The setting i... Read More »

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Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations is one of the many spaced based strategy games around. The game was released in 2003 with its success leading to a sequel three years later with similar gameplay and mechanics. A single expansion pack titled Altarian Prophecy was also released which added 2 new races to t... Read More »

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Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is a sci-fi 4X turn based strategy game with plenty of depth to explore. The game also offers an expansion pack for the game (Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire) which adds a number of features and factions to the game. It’s very easy to see similarities in the design ... Read More »

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Space Empires IV

Space Empires IV is part of the popular 4X space strategy genre which has players attempting to achieve galactic conquest through turn based gameplay. Space Empires IV (and the other games in the series) are often compared to the popular Civilization game series with the setting being the main ... Read More »

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EVE Online

EVE Online is a space adventure just waiting for you to join in. The game is a player driven MMORPG with an insane amount of depth. Launching in 2003 the game has slowly gained a loyal following to reach half a million subscribers in 2013. EVE Online is a game of freedom allowing players to app... Read More »

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DarkStar One

DarkStar One focuses on space trading and combat. It launched in 2006 for Windows with an improved edition (Darkstar One: Broken Alliance) released two years later for the Xbox 360 platform. The universe of DarkStar One features half a dozen other races that you’ll get to interact with or fight... Read More »

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X3: Terran Conflict

X3: Terran Conflict is part of the X series of video games. Just like its predecessors the game is about trading and combat in a space environment. The game is set far into the future (2938) and takes place after Earth has been reconnected with the larger system of jumpgates in the X universe. ... Read More »

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X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion continues the series of X adventure games with the third game in the franchise. Just like the games before it the game is a single player space experience involving trading, combat and plenty of galaxy exploration. The story of X3: Reunion continues from where X2 ended with players ... Read More »

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