13 Games Like Slither.io

Games Like Slither.io
Try our assortment of games like Slither.io that features other competitive multiplayer games that are easy to get into and can be played within a browser.

Developed by Steve Howse and capitalising on the popularity of the .io genre Slither.io stood out against other titles due to its use of snake like mechanics in a competitive and easily accessible package. Your objective is to grow longer than other players at all costs which means collecting pellets with your snake that spawn naturally or consuming other players that are smaller than yourself.

Your game ends when the head of your snake (or worm) makes contact with another players, the game also has predefined boundaries which must be avoided which can make trapping in other players an interesting strategy to utilise. Your only counter to this tactic is the boost mode which must be balanced carefully as it removes some of your length to offer a short boost in speed.

The games like Slither io on the page below are equally accessible with availability as either apps or within your browser. While some are more involved than Slither.io in terms of gameplay one thing you’ll find familiar is the competitive nature in these titles.

Games Like Slither.io


Mitos.is: The Game brings the popular eat cells gameplay to your computer, iOS and Android devices. While the gameplay is nothing new it’s a well refined game with a number of fun additional mechanics. The concept for the game is simple and similar to other games such as Agar.io with the ... Read More »

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Transformice offers an interest free to play multiplayer experience which can be played within your browser or alternatively downloaded from the Steam platform. The game has been online since 2010 but gained rapid popularity after its Steam release. Your main objective in Transformice is to gra... Read More »

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Nebulous is an Android only version of the popular grow your own organism game. In the game you’ll try to avoid larger players as you slowly build up your own blob power and ultimately claim the title of biggest blob. Nebulous has a packed list of features which makes it a great Agar.io a... Read More »

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Lif started as a free to play browser based game where you’ll play as an animal and compete against other players. After the success of the browser version a paid PC and Android version were released with additional features. While the browser version offers all of the games beta features... Read More »

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TagPro offers free online multiplayer capture the flag gameplay and has proven itself as an addicting game with a steady audience of players since its 2013 release. TagPro utilises a simple concept but is incredibly addicting and has many hidden intricacies that can not only keep the game inter... Read More »

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Combing the craziness of Adventure Time with the MOBA genre is Adventure Time: Battle Party a simple browser based adventure with a surprising amount of variety packed into it. Whether you want to fight against friends, random internet users or against the AI bots you’ll be able to do it ... Read More »

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Eufloria offers strategy gameplay in an artistic wrapper. Available on a huge range of platforms the game is uniquely satisfying, relaxing and challenging. Released in 2009 for Windows and the game quickly conquered other platforms and eventually saw a HD release. Set in a space environment you... Read More »

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Realm of the Mad God is an online hack and slash game that features pixel style graphics. The game is available for free and can be played online or downloaded through Steam (and other digital distribution services) for Windows and Mac. Realm of the Mad God is played in a massively multiplayer ... Read More »

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Osmos is a relaxing puzzle game available across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Using simple mechanics and great game design Osmos has captured plenty of praise for its enjoyable, atmospheric and eventually challenging gameplay. The premise of Osmos is simple with players advancing thro... Read More »

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Flow (flOw) offers an indie experience similar to that of the first stage in Spore. The game has grown from a simple flash game into a popular past time on your PlayStation devices and PC (online and download). The gameplay of Flow is extremely simple but this also means that you will be hooked... Read More »

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Ever wished you could play a good real time strategy game in your browser with minimal fuss? That’s exactly what Littlewargame aims to achieve with its simple (but very enjoyable) browser based RTS. Littlewargame is all about getting you into a game quickly, allowing players to play with a gues... Read More »

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Want a light, casual and extremely fun MOBA experience for your browser? Big Story Little Heroes may just be your answer, a free to play MOBA style game played through Facebook. As a Facebook game you can expect plenty of social based features that easily let you team up with your Facebook frie... Read More »

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Minions is unique in terms of the multiplayer online battler arena (MOBA) genre in that it is played online in your browser. This means you can play the game anywhere you want or load it up on an old laptop if you are looking to kill some time. The game is completely free to play and was releas... Read More »

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