24 Games Like Terraria

Games Like Terraria
Our collection of games like Terraria offers sandbox, exploration, action adventure, side scrolling and free games similar to Terraria.

In Terraria players spawn in a randomly generated 2D world that offers endless possibilities for adventure. Terraria appeals to gamers that love exploration but also enjoy the ability to shape the game world and like most games in its genre, Terraria is best enjoyed with friends.

The gameplay of Terraria is extremely varied due to its mixture of several game genres into a single title. This allows players to focus their attention on a particular area of the game that interests them more (exploration and adventure or building and resource management). Most games however will have similar early game periods with players gathering resources, building shelter and exploring the area around their immediate spawn point.

Other features of Terraria that have helped it stand above similar games include day/night cycles, well tweaked difficulty levels, various enemies, NPCs, bosses and even random events. Terraria aims to offer a little bit of everything and its reviews from fans and critics definitely suggest it achieved this goal.

The games like Terraria featured here offer a mixture of free, online, 2D and 3D adventures that will satisfy your thirst for discovery. These games offer both solo and multiplayer opportunities so that you can explore alone or group up with some friends for the ultimate adventure.

Games Like Terraria



Goliath blends action adventure with sandbox crafting elements to create an interesting quest driven title that will have you stepping into your own robotic creations as you jump from fragment to fragment in the varied game world. In Goliath players find themselves crash landing in an unknown e... Read More »

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Mixing elements of crafting, rogue-like and platforming together to offer a 2D survival game that can be enjoyed in shorter gameplay bursts and even with friends. Set in randomly generated dungeons Magicite will have players collecting resources from trees, ores and enemies in order to craft be... Read More »

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Starbound is a side-scrolling game that weaves together creativity, adventure, exploration and action. In Starbound you’ll cross the galaxy in your spaceship, exploring procedurally generated planets as you flee from your home. In Starbound you get to choose between six different races for the ... Read More »

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Junk Jack

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X are possibly the best sandbox games available on your iOS device. Junk Jack offers a randomly generated game world for players to explore while you craft, build and hopefully survive. Junk Jack was developed by the indie game company known as Pixbits and was released i... Read More »

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Craft The World

Craft The World is a sandbox game with strategy elements for PC, Mac and iOS. Borrowing elements from the likes of Terraria and Dwarf Fortress you’re definitely in for a gaming treat. Craft The World puts you in charge of your own dwarf society that grows from a single dwarf to a thriving commu... Read More »

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Steamworld Dig

SteamWorld Dig captures the current mining genre popularity and combines it with platform action to deliver an action style experience. The game is available on your Nintendo 3DS or PC with plenty of good old fashioned difficulty to it. SteamWorld Dig is all about digging around to find the man... Read More »

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Epic Inventor

Epic Inventor is an indie game published by Pixel Prone Games and offers an interesting combination of genres with obvious inspiration from both Minecraft and Terraria. As of October 2013 the game has been open source. Epic Inventor is available for free and with an open source code there is no... Read More »

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King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur’s Gold (KAG) is a unique multiplayer action game that has a similar gameplay feel the likes of Terraria. The game was developed by Transhuman Design and offers a free version along with a premium version that unlocks a number of game extras and most of the core gameplay. KAG offers ... Read More »

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The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a free game for your iOS device that offers a 2D sandbox experience. The game takes place in a 2D block based game world and even supports multiplayer. The game is developed by Majic Jungle Software. In The Blockheads you can explore the vast game world, dig out blocks and cra... Read More »

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Growtopia is a 2D creative sandbox experience designed for multiplayer that is perfect for your mobile devices (both iOS and Android). The game is also available on Windows and Mac. Growtopia is a universe of endless worlds that players can populate with their own creations. Every place in the ... Read More »

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Deepworld is one of the more impressive and unique crafting adventure games that you’ll come across and comes with a very steampunk feel attached to it. The game is a 2D experience similar to Terraria and Starbound. However, Deepworld is a persistent online world which will mean you bump into o... Read More »

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Edge of Space

Edge of Space lets you explore a strange planet in 2D Terraria style. The game focuses on exploration and combat with plenty of depth to it. With support for both single player and multiplayer gameplay it’s perfect for both solo and team adventurers. While it’s easy to draw comparison to the li... Read More »

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Under The Garden

Under the Garden is a survival sandbox experience developed by Paul Gresley. The game is a very simple experience but has a nice and unique feel to its addicting experience. Under the Garden has a small download size of just over 10mb or can even be played online through GameJolt (link below in... Read More »

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Darkout puts you alone on a harsh planet and challenges you to survive in a sandbox world. You’ll get to experience a dark procedurally generated planet while crafting, building and even researching new technologies. You’ll start the game next to your crash landed escape pod on the world of Ill... Read More »

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A Valley Without Wind 2

A Valley Without Wind 2 builds on the original game and offers plenty of new exploration and action orientated gameplay. In the second instalment of the series players take on the role of a mage who has been able to infiltrate the inner circle of the Demonaica. This position has unlocked the po... Read More »

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A Valley Without Wind

A Valley Without Wind is a unique mix of several gaming genres with a focus on action adventure. In the game you’ll attempt to restore order to the world and save it from itself. The game plays out as a 2D sidescroller and gives players a huge amount of freedom in how they approach the ga... Read More »

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Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game offers gamers a great 2D adventure game for Windows that is packed full of features and content. Best of all it comes with a free price tag. The game is the product of Stephen Orlando who spent 2 years creating this massive adventure game (and believe me it is massive es... Read More »

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Spelunky is an action adventure game that has you exploring the depth of various randomly generated caves. On your journey you’ll encounter countless enemies, impressive treasures and much more. The game received a rebirth between 2012 and 2013 with an enhanced edition making its way to various... Read More »

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Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox adventure and has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest and most loved games of all time. Not only has it seen great success but it’s also inspired countless games like it. Minecraft was primarily developed by Notch Persson during the ... Read More »

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Dig-N-Rig is a 2D mining game based in the future. The game focuses on resource management and some unique building mechanics and can easily offer hours of fun for fans of the genre. The idea behind Dig-N Rig definitely isn’t anything new but the setting and overall game feel is a fresh experie... Read More »

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MicroTale is a simple but enjoyable 2D adventure game that also blends in sandbox and some RPG elements. The game is available for Windows and was developed by Jenito Games. In the world of MicroTale you’ll explore a lost civilisation while also helping to rebuild some of it. Core gameplay in M... Read More »

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Droidcraft mixes survival and crafting into a fun sandbox style adventure for Android. There is a free version of the game available although it doesn’t include monsters and a few other features. The game launched back in 2010 and has received a steady stream of updates to turn it from a ... Read More »

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Clonk (Series)

Clonk is a series of video games that mix action, strategy and platform gameplay. Some of the games are available for free while some must be purchased. While the games are very enjoyable as a single player experience, they are even more fun with friends and thanks to the large number of multip... Read More »

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Gem Miner 2

As you might have guessed Gem Miner 2 is a sequel to the popular digging and exploration game of Gem Miner. At the core these games offer a very similar experience but the sequel adds a number of extras giving you more gameplay for your dollars. Just like the original you’ll be using your trust... Read More »

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