31 Games Like Tribal Wars

Games Like Tribal Wars
Need a new online strategy game? Our games like Tribal Wars list features plenty of medieval RTS games that you can play for free in your browser.

Tribal Wars (TW) is one of the very original games in the MMORTS genre. It’s also one of the most successful despite being in one of the most over saturated genres around. The game was also one of the very first browser based games to move into the mobile world by developing apps for its users to accompany the browser based client.

The game uses a medieval setting and lets players prove their power by putting village against village in a strategy environment. To successfully claim other villagers and expand their empire players must carefully make allies and plot their next move against enemies. A process that usually involves maximising resource generation and carefully selecting troop distribution of your fighting force to counter your opponents.

Ultimately your goal in Tribal Wars is to lead (or belong to) a tribe that achieves the win condition on a given world server, a task that is definitely not an easy one.

The games like Tribal Wars on this page offer a similar massively multiplayer online strategy experience with emphasis on free to play games that are accessible either in your browser or through a smartphone app.

Games Like Tribal Wars


Stormfall: Age of War

Story driven and browser based strategy game don’t usually go hand in hand but Stormfall: Age of War changes all that by introducing a strong storyline supported by voice acting to enhance your whole experience. Set in a mystical land of Darkshrine you’ll find yourself in a chaotic game world, ... Read More »

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Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans extends the Plarium franchise with another MMORTS game that takes the level of polish and strategy further than their past releases in this space. This time around as a departure from the medieval you’ll be taking control of your own viking tribe on browser, iOS and ... Read More »

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(6 votes)

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the browser MMORTS is saturated with games. From the medieval to western and futuristic there is a strategy adventure for all tastes and desires. An often untouched setting though is the pirate one and something that Pirates: Tides of Fortune looks to cap... Read More »

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(19 votes)

Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War has you playing as the Lord of a mighty kingdom as you take control of a strategy game with all the usual mechanics thrown in, giving you plenty of opportunity to grow your kingdom. Available in your web browser and mobile (iOS/Android) Throne: Kingdom at War continues th... Read More »

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Empire (Empire: Four Kingdoms for iOS and Android) throws you right into the heart of battle as your build the ultimate fortress, grow a powerful army, capture enemy outposts and create a thriving economy. The game packs all the features that most gamers would be used to in this genre with plen... Read More »

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(39 votes)

Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor joins the massive list of medieval themed strategy games with MMO mechanics. The game comes from GoodGame Studios who have made a number of MMORTS games including the popular Empire, Shadow Kings and more casual options like Big Farm. With such a large wealth of previous titles... Read More »

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(12 votes)

Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a browser based strategy adventure that has been constantly developing since its original release in 2005. It now commands a large community across iOS, Android and your browser, where it began. Set in a medieval world like many others in the genre players begin their journey ... Read More »

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(17 votes)


Elvenar joins the ranks of the extensive browser based strategy genre with a hybrid that leans more towards city building then most. As the game comes from InnoGames you’re guaranteed a well designed adventure even if it doesn’t try to innovate too much. Starting your Elvenar journe... Read More »

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(24 votes)


Travian takes you to a Roman style setting and is one of the best MMO browser games around. The game runs in a persistent game world just like others in the genre. Travian averages several thousand online players at any single time with over 50,000 active players. The game has been around since... Read More »

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(20 votes)

Game of Emperors

Game of Emperors (Viber Emperors on iOS/Android) offers medieval theme RTS gameplay with colourful graphics. Following the standard formula of creating your own empire through resource collection, raiding and research of technologies there is plenty to do on your way from tutorial to top of lea... Read More »

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March to Rome

March to Rome takes you back to the days of the Roman Empire with a browser strategy game. Manage your economy, grow an army and lead your cities to conquest alone or with allies.   Once within the game players are greeted with a sleek UI and calming soundtrack which helps March to Rome fe... Read More »

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(11 votes)


Grepolis is a free to play strategic MMO that you can play in your browser or on your handheld device (iOS and Android). The game is one of the most popular in the genre with a large community following (tens of millions) which also means regular developer updates to keep the masses happy. Grep... Read More »

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(18 votes)

Game of War: Fire Age

There is no shortage of games on iOS and Android where you build your own empire, make allies and attack other players. Finding a high quality one is where the difficultly begins though and exactly the gap that Game of War: Fire Age hopes to fill. Under it’s very standard looking interface and ... Read More »

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(28 votes)

Pirate Duel

If you’re a fan of browser based strategy MMOs you’ve played hundreds of medieval themed games and a dozen space adventures on top of that. Chances are though you’ve never run into a pirate themed game though which is exactly what Pirate Duel looks to address. From the minds f... Read More »

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(13 votes)

Thirty Kingdoms

Thirty Kingdoms joins the vast range of medieval strategy games with an adventure that puts you behind your own royal house as you try to become the undisputed ruler of the game world by using diplomacy and troops to outsmart other players. If you’ve played a game in the MMORTS genre the settin... Read More »

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Total Domination

Any fan of online strategy games knows that they are an overdone genre with plenty of weak games all around the web. The science fiction setting is particularly lacking with all the best games using a historical or medieval setting. Total Domination might just change that, promising a great sci... Read More »

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Sparta: War of Empires

Now you can fight with the Spartans in Sparta: War of Empires, an online real time strategy game that puts you in charge of the army against the Persian forces. Right from the start of the game you’ll be treated to some impressive voice acting and strong visuals that bring this historic civiliz... Read More »

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(50 votes)

Soldiers Inc.

Soldiers Inc. joins the ranks of other massively multiplayer real time strategy games and is one of the better options out there, especially if you prefer a war based setting over the saturated medieval MMORTS market. The game is set only a few years in the future (2019) and puts players into t... Read More »

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Star Trek: Alien Domain

The Star Trek universe is vast and it’s this vastness that Star Trek: Alien Domain tries to bring into your browser through a MMO strategy adventure. Fight as the Federation or the Klingon Empire as you build up a fleet of starships as you battle Species 8472 in fluidic space. Straight from the... Read More »

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(15 votes)

Dark Age Wars

Dark Age Wars offers an online strategy experience and is set in a medieval game world. The game was released back in 2008 by Pixabit and has slowly grown since release to offer a great experience. Gameplay is fairly typical of the genre with players focusing on building up their own military p... Read More »

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(21 votes)


Combining civilization building and simple strategy together is Siegelord, a browser based game that is simple but offers lots of content to keep you engaged. Set in a medieval fantasy theme you’ll call upon archers and warriors to fill the ranks of your army as you battle in a world full... Read More »

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(10 votes)


Can a space themed browser game offer an expansive universe with underpinnings of 4X strategy? That’s exactly the question that AD2460 seeks to answer with an impressive offering in the usually bland browser strategy genre. Set many years after the after destruction of human life as we kn... Read More »

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Shadow Kings

Shadow Kings is the newest strategy game to be developed by GoodGame Studios, with colourful graphics and a simple to follow UI it’s their best game yet and promises to keep you entertained (and planning your next move) for hours to come. Set in a world where the powerful Orc army has destroyed... Read More »

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(57 votes)

Vega Conflict

Vega Conflict was developed by Kixeye and is a space based MMO that lets you capture the galaxy with strategy and cunning tactics. Vega Conflict is as impressive as it comes in the MMO real time strategy genre with great visuals, amazingly fast load screens and plenty of vital small features th... Read More »

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(23 votes)

Travian Kingdoms

Taking the Travian franchise to new heights is Travian Kingdoms, an improved, enhanced and upgraded version of one of the original city building MMORTs titles. Paired with crisp mobile apps for iOS and Android you can now access your kingdom from anywhere. Also known as Travian version V, Travi... Read More »

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Alliance Warfare

Alliance Warfare is a free to massively multiplayer online strategy game that you can play in your browser. The game takes place in a unique fantasy world where players have the opportunity to build a massive army and expand their kingdom. The game world of Alliance Warfare has a fairly interes... Read More »

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Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords: Heroes of the North is Plarium’s next MMORTS adventure, taking the best parts of their other popular titles, tweaking the formula and adding a different setting the Nords is challenging, visually pleasing and fun. Nords: Heroes of the North takes place in the land of Shingard, a land tha... Read More »

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Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a medieval strategy game that combines competitive gameplay, in depth combat and a great learning curve into a browser adventure. Create a name for yourself as you make an empire and army to smite your opponents on the field of battle. You’ll quickly realise that depth is the... Read More »

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The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a free browser based strategy game with gameplay that falls somewhere between Age of Empires and the online strategy genre. The game manages to somehow stay true to the roots of other Settlers games while moving into a freemium browser game which is definitely no easy tas... Read More »

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Wild Guns

Wild Guns brings the popular browser MMO strategy genre to the Wild West and is a great change of pace from the usual medieval focused games in the genre. The game is published by Gameforge and has been online since 2008. When you create your account in Wild Guns you will be prompted to select ... Read More »

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The Godfather: Five Families

The Godfather: Five Families is a strategy browser based experience developed by Kabam. As the name suggests you’ll take part in a war between the five Mafia families in New York and slowly build a name for yourself. In the game you’ll take over as a mob boss and be tasked with reviving y... Read More »

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