13 Games Like Warcraft 3

Games Like Warcraft 3 Our collection of games like Warcraft 3 features other fantasy real time strategy games with strong stories, multiple races and heroes.

Warcraft 3 is one of the few fantasy games in the genre and just like Blizzard’s other popular strategy series (StarCraft) the game is extremely popular even a decade after its original release. With four detailed races available and their own story campaigns to follow the single player experience is one of the best.

These campaigns are just oozing with story as the game has one of the most integrated storylines in a real time strategy game still to this day. Part of this story element and a key mechanic of the game are the hero units that players can customise by choosing skills and equipping them with items they find during their adventures.

This emphasis on player choice extends even further with many extra side quests available in each scenario for players that want an extra challenge.

This games like Warcraft 3 list has some of the other great fantasy real time strategy games with a focus on options that provide a good amount of flexibility, choice and story to the player. While fantasy titles have been the focus some science fiction and medieval games have been included where they provide strong stories.

Games Like Warcraft 3


StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is one of the best real time strategy games available and takes place in the distant future. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game world continues on from the first instalment in the series and features the same three races; the Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Starcra... Read More »

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Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations was released back in 2003 but is still considered to be one of the most popular and successful real time strategy games of all time. The game manages to offer vast strategic depth while also being very accessible to players, an achievement that not many RTS games have been able ... Read More »

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Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires (AoE) 3 falls under the real time strategy genre and was developed by Ensemble Studios for a 2005 release (2006 release on Mac). The game has two expansion packs available (The Warchiefs and The Asian Dynasties) that unlock additional campaign content and introduce 6 additional c... Read More »

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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War combines deep military strategy with a science fiction setting. Based on the tabletop games it has obvious appeal to fans of the Warhammer 40k wargame but it is still a very attractive real time strategy experience for newcomers to the franchise. After the success of ... Read More »

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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is an RTS game published by Microsoft that is a spin-off of the original and highly popular Rise of Nations game. Unlike the original the game is set in a fantasy world that blends magic and technology together. Despite the change in setting the game still plays... Read More »

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Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology (or AoM) is a real time strategy game based on the Age of Empires series (it is in fact a spin-off of the series). Age of Mythology was developed by Ensemble Studios and was released back in 2002, the game is highly rated by fans and critics making it one of the top rated real ... Read More »

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Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the original highly popular CoH game. The game was released in June 2013 and offers similar gameplay to the first game. The gameplay has received lots of praise as continuing the success of the series although there has been a large amount of backlash for ho... Read More »

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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II is set in the LOTR universe and offers a real time strategy experience for Windows and the Xbox 360. The game lets players explore both a good and evil campaign letting you experience the game world from both sides. The game is very similar ... Read More »

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Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II belongs to the hugely success AoE series of real time strategy games. Launching back in 1999 the game saw a HD release in 2013 with a few minor changes to gameplay, most notably an increased population cap (200 to 500). The game explores the Middle Ages with over a dozen playa... Read More »

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Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes (CoH) is a WW2 real time strategy game released in 2006. The game was developed by Relic Entertainment and has plenty of historic battles for players to battle through. Company of Heroes lets players take control of both the allies and the axis with the single player campaign ... Read More »

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Warlords Battlecry II

Warlords Battlecry II is a RTS experience that combines role playing elements into its core gameplay. It’s a mix that has been done several times before but Warlords Battlecry II perfects the balance with a long campaign and an insane amount of depth. The game is set in Etheria, a dark world of... Read More »

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Ever wished you could play a good real time strategy game in your browser with minimal fuss? That’s exactly what Littlewargame aims to achieve with its simple (but very enjoyable) browser based RTS. Littlewargame is all about getting you into a game quickly, allowing players to play with a gues... Read More »

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Warfare Incorporated

Warfare Incorporated is an older real time strategy game that originally released in 2003 and saw new life in 2008 when it was ported over to iOS devices. Offering both single player and multiplayer gameplay this title is still a great offering in the mobile strategy space. Taking place in the ... Read More »

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