Metacritic: 48/100
Release: Mar 2017
Reviewed on: iOS

Gangstar New Orleans

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Good: Available for older devices – Refinements to core mechanics
Bad: Reduced graphics – Disconnected story
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The Gangstar series continues it’s mobile domination of the open world genre with New Orleans, a game that continues to build on the Gangstar games of the past to bring open world gameplay to the mobile market.


For those that aren’t familiar with the Gangstar formula the series offers open world crime simulation akin to the GTA franchise. In this addition you’ll be building up your very own crew of criminals to fill the shoes of the current vacuum of power in the city. Along the way you’ll make shady deals, drive a range of cars and shoot your way to the top. Progress is driven by the story based missions which hide behind an energy system and will have you bouncing around the city at a simple click.

This ease of jumping between story missions does somewhat take away the exploration element but thanks to the limiting energy factor you’ll still be exploring the city for other tasks during energy wait times. The most common past time being gunplay in one form or another with has significantly improved over previous games and always feels responsive and enjoyable. The cover system also returns alongside driving which have received minor quality of life improvements.


Long term fans might not appreciate all the changes though as New Orleans is a much smaller affair when compare to the previous Gangstar games, compounded by the fact that you can jump around the city for quests on a whim without the need to search the streets. General mission objectives also feel less varied, mostly due to the turf based gameplay which constantly requires you to move around for defensive and offensive actions against other rivals. Another shift that may not go down well is the drop in graphics to make the game more accessible to older mobile devices (a great trade off for those owners though).

Gangstar New Orleans by no means should be avoided, it’s still miles ahead of comparable titles on the respective app stores, it’s also miles from the best in the series though.


  • Another Gangstar title for mobile.
  • Reduced graphics for better accessibility on older mobile devices.
  • Build up your crew and consume New Orleans.
  • Refreshed driving and combat for a frustration free experience.
  • Free to play on Android and iOS.

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Gangstar New Orleans, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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