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Geocaching is a rapidly growing real world treasure hunt that uses technology to encourage users to explore the great outdoors to find hidden caches.


Signing up to start your Geocaching adventure is completely free and while it can be done directly through the website you’re best experience will be from downloading the applicable apps that are available for mobile devices.

So what does Geocaching involve exactly? Once you’ve registered an account you’ll be able to explore a map of your current area which will mark any caches on it. By travelling to the location players can being the hunt for a geocache box which come in various sizes. For the more difficult ones players will find a helpful community and the occasional hint to direct you towards the applicable location.

Once found you’ll be able to open it up, sign your name on the register inside, trade items (depending on the cache) and also mark it as found on the map and sharing it with others. Geocaching also provides details around the difficulty of finding the cache and the surrounding terrain which helps you determine if the hunt is appropriate for you.

Because of the nature of Geocaching every adventure is different, not only do they come in various sizes but the hiding locations can always vary and you’ll never know what you’ll find inside. With popular cities having thousands of potential caches to find the adventure is one that will keep you busy for months to come.


While basic Geocaching is free a premium upgrade can provide a number of bonuses and is well worth the upgrade for the regular user and almost required if you plan to do more than a handful.

Ultimately Geocaching can prove to be a great day out, proving to be a popular past time for many and a way to use technology to get back into nature.


  • Find geocaches around your local area.
  • Sign your name and even trade items.
  • Various difficultly and terrain levels to let everyone get involved.
  • Large community of geocache users.
  • Download the useful apps on your mobile device.

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