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GeoSociety Plus

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GeoSociety Plus offers a Pokemon style of gameplay for your iOS device and is one of the best available for the platform.


The game was released in 2011 and has received a steady stream of updates in that time to create a great monster capture experience. The success of the game has also lead to the developers releasing other games in the genre (available online through their official website) which have also proven to be quite successful.

In GeoSociety you’ll capture monsters, breed them and of course battle against other monsters in gameplay that is very reminiscent of other games in the genre.

In the game you’ll play as an employee of GeoSociety, an organisation devoted to the research and protection of the GeoRealm and the GeoMonsters that inhabit it. After receiving less than a welcoming response on your first day on the job you head out on your first mission which is where your story begins.

In terms of features GeoSociety is definitely not short on them. The game offers a huge engaging storyline for you to follow, 350+ monsters to take into battle, a large maximum monster party of 9 and unique game modes (even including a zombie game mode!)


GeoSociety also offers unique 3v3 battles which create some good strategic fights, adding some flair to the otherwise standard gameplay. As you battle your way through the game world your monsters will of course level up with experience to learn new skills and boost their stats. Eventually your monsters will mutate into stronger monster forms which increases their power considerably.

GeoSociety is one of the better Pokemon clones available for your iOS device and definitely should not be overlooked by casual and avid Pokemon fans alike. The game has a great price tag and you are definitely getting more than enough content for your dollar.


  • Unique game modes that add to the core experience.
  • Large number of monsters (over 350).
  • Lead a party of 9 instead of the usual 6 of other Pokemon inspired games.
  • Constant updates and fixes.
  • Great RPG monster capture experience (if not the best on iOS).

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GeoSociety Plus, 7.8 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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