Metacritic: 70/100
Release: Aug 2012
Reviewed on: PC

Ghost Recon Online

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Good: Smooth and fluid gameplay – Customisation – Map designs
Bad: Third person isn’t for everyone – As a team based game other players can quickly kill the experience
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Ghost Recon Online is a third person online shooter but does feature some first person elements. The game is one of the better free to play shooters available with plenty of depth in item customisation and an emphasis on skill and strategy.


The game is set in a futuristic setting with an impressive variety of powerful weapons and interesting technologies at the players disposal. Every game in Ghost Recon Online will put you up against an equally well-equipped team of other players in a number of game modes and maps.

As a third person game Ghost Recon Online uses a cover system which might instantly turn some players off but it is one of the most smoothest experiences yet. Players will also be able to slide towards cover when they come under fire adding a realism element to the game. When you do decide to peak your head out from behind cover (and if you aim down the sights) you’ll get to fire your weapon from a first person perspective which is again a very smooth process.

To separate yourself from other spec-op players in the game can choose from the different classes and then customise them further with the RP currency which is earned by playing the game. Classes on offer include the assault class, recon and specialist.


The assault is well known for its ability to jump right into the front lines with its powerful combat shield that provides a huge speed boost and protects you from incoming bullets. The recon is the sniper of Ghost Recon Online and arguably the most powerful class featuring a cloaking device and the ability to track enemies. Finally the specialist class is a master at blocking enemy technology and protecting allies with his aegis shield.

If you are looking for a change of pace compared to all the spam fests that other shooters offer then Ghost Recon Online is a great option for those that want a shooter that requires a little more brain power.


  • Blends third and first person shooting.
  • Very smooth and responsive cover system.
  • Good map design and variety.
  • Unlock new equipment for your favourite class.
  • Free to play and a very fair cash shop.

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Ghost Recon Online, 8.4 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
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