Metacritic: 75/100
Release: Jul 2017
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Colourful cast of heroes – Impressive visuals and strategy
Bad: Matchmaking still needs further development for even games
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Blending MOBA, 3D, colours and third person shooting Gigantic is a game that has long been in development. With its eventual release the result is a visually appealing and fluid game that has plenty of great depth for the committed player to explore.


The influences of the game are many and instantly recognisable to fans of the hero shooter and MOBA genre. These clear influences by no means detract from the gameplay though which stands out as it’s own experience. Said experience revolves around map based objectives as players attempt to defend their own guardian (a massive beast) while taking down their opposing guardian.

Between the guardians is a wealth of corridors and control points which players can capture and build their own supporting structures which helps give you map presence and a base of operations for your next attacks and serves to generate power which can be used to trigger assaults on the enemy guardian. The result is a game more about strategy than most but also ensures there is ample time for intense action brawls.

Your avatar for these brawls is one of nearly two dozen colourful characters that have 5 different skills and fulfil familiar roles such as fighter, tank, control and support. Within each of these characters there is plenty of options though as you level up skills and traits within each match that can completely change how they play.


Unlocking the entire roster of characters follows a similar formula to other MOBA titles with a rotating free roster and in game earned currency used to unlock more heroes permanently. Regular missions enhance the currency grind by offering you large influxes if you can complete the task at hand.

Filled with colour, flash and action Gigantic has already shaken up the hero shooter and MOBA genre upon release and given the high quality overall experience will likely continue to do so into the future.


  • Colourful and action packed hero shooter.
  • 19 various heroes on launch with their own style and flexibility.
  • Summon structures onto the battlefield for assistance.
  • Watch large battles between guardians unfold before you.
  • For Windows and Xbox One.

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Gigantic, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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