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Gnomoria puts you in control of a civilisation of gnomes who need your guidance to grow their settlement, fend off attacks, craft and dig. While a sandbox game at heart there is also plenty of management and strategy to also master.


Each game in Gnomoria starts in a procedurally generated world with a number of sliders available to players to alter the difficultly and type of experience they wish to have. Options include things like map size, flatness, depth of resources, amount of resources, enemy strength and enemy types. If you find a particular enjoyable map setup it can also be easily shared with others through the seed feature (or replayed if you’re so inclined).

Once created you’ll find trees, animals and even mountains in front of your starting team of gnomes. From here your early game is typical of a management strategy game with resources being your primary objective. This includes cutting down trees, foraging for food, creating pastures for animals and starting your first mine to extract the all important metals you’ll need for technological advancement.

All of these actions is handled through a simple point and click interface to issue commands to which your gnomes will react to based on their profession (miner, woodcutter, farmer, blacksmith and many others) all of which can be changed to suit your current gnome needs.


Beyond the early game resource generation there are a host of other mechanics to assist in creating a thriving gnome settlement. This includes building required rooms, crafting better equipment and ultimately defend yourself against a range of enemies. One of Gnomoria’s best features is the difficultly scaling the game uses where you’re increased settlement wealth encourages stronger and stronger attacks.

During these mid-end game stages the management aspects of Gnomoria really shine through as you explore the depth of the menus to optimise each area of the game. While a balanced approach will give you the greatest chance of success there is a good amount of flexibility in Gnomoria which allows players to focus their attention where they like without too much of an issue.


  • Command your growing settlement of gnomes.
  • Collect resources, build rooms and craft items.
  • Defend yourselves from a number of enemies.
  • Enjoy gameplay on a randomised game world to make each adventure different.
  • Choose gnome professions and manage them for maximum efficiency.

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Gnomoria, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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