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Goatlings decides not to let you adopt monsters, animals or even dragons and instead opts for a more unique creature instead, the humble goat. Taking the goat and mixing it with a traditional free to play virtual pet site mechanics the result is a fun game for all ages that always has hundreds of players online.


In order to get your hands on your first goat players can adopt a fresh one or attempt to rehome a previously owned one instead. New goats start as a blank grey slate and weak stats but can be heavily customised and trained further to become an asset in the battle centre. Players (non-upgraded accounts) can adopt up to 10 cute goats so there is no need to give all your attention to one.

From here gameplay is very typical of other games in this space with players playing games for in game currency of Sugar Stars. Players can also buy items for their goats to either customise them visually, improve their battle power or keep them well fed. The popular item fetch quests are also there that offer some very powerful rewards for those that can fulfil the difficult orders.

All of this Sugar Star accumulation generally leads players down 2 routes, creating a highly customised goat with all the frills that the game has to offer and at the same time creating a powerful goat to battle in the battle centre or explore the world to fight wild goats and uncover appearance dolls which are key to changing the visual appearance of your goat.


Other interesting features of Goatlings include club houses, user shops, sugar star bank accounts, auctions, forums, events and much more.

If you’re sick of all the monster orientated games and want to train a deadly goat while setting them up with cute looks the Goatlings website and community is an ideal pick.


  • Adopt a pet goat in this virtual online pet game.
  • Improve your goat for battle.
  • Customise your goat with all sorts of cute styles.
  • A large, active and friendly community awaits.
  • Packed full of all the features you want.

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Goatlings, 9.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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