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Guardians of Divinity

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Surrounded in mythology influences is Guardians of Divinity, a MMORPG that you can play within your browser as you take on the role of lost God in a sci-fi meets fantasy world.


For players who don’t care to grind their way to end game content Guardians of Divinity offers a shortcut to this content through the automated gameplay mechanics. This auto-movement and combat mechanic has been a staple in games produced by 37Games and Guardians of Divinity is one of the better titles they’ve released in this space.

Starting your adventure players will need to select one of the available class types which cover mage, warrior and archer. Each of these options offers very impressive skill sets that help bring your destruction to life with explosive skills that you’ll unleash on the seemingly endless variety of enemies.

The warrior for example offers great damage absorption and melee damage while the archer opts for fast critical attacks. Character classes are gender locked with a male character for the warrior and females for the archer and mage.


In addition to the regular enemies that you’ll combat as part of the automated questing sequence players will also encounter bosses, raid dungeons and even other players while in the PvP component of Guardians of Divinity. One of the more unique battles you’ll face include space themed battles which uses the space vessel that you’ll build up during your adventure.

With some interesting ideas and a setting of unique fantasy science fiction Guardians of Divinity is a decent option for gamers that enjoy this sub-genre of browser MMO that offers lots of automation to remove the need to grind out levels.


  • Unique blend of fantasy and science fiction setting.
  • 3 very different classes with their own range of flashy skills.
  • Build up a space vessel for battles against other players.
  • Explore PvP, large bosses and vast dungeons
  • Automated gameplay removes the need to grind.

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Guardians of Divinity, 7.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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