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Guncraft is a first person shooter that lets you build your very own weapons to take into battle. You can also construct and destroy environments as you play.


The game is voxel-based and available through Steam with an Xbox release also planned for the future. The FPS experience is well balanced and full of features. All the standard game modes that you would want are present such as deathmatch and capture the flag but there are also some unique modes available like the siege mode and lava survival.

In siege mode you will race against the enemy in order to build your siege structure first. Lava survival offers a last man standing form of gameplay where you’ll have to battle others while avoiding the growing lava levels.

The FPS features don’t stop there as Guncraft also offers kill streak rewards, clans, friends list, leader boards and of course the all-important game chat.

Destruction and creation are at the core of every feature in Guncraft right down to the entirely destructible game environments which will have the maps filled with holes by the end of each match. Unlike similar games (such as Ace of Spades) where building is often too difficult in a firefight, Guncraft allows you to build your own pre designed structures which allow you to drop a bunker in a single click.

There is also plenty of creation and construction outside each Guncraft match with the ability to create your own guns and edit your looks with the skin editor. The capacity to create your own gun is one of the best features of the game and now you have no excuse not to have a favourite. No need to worry about balance either as crafted guns are allocated stats based on a 100 point system.


Creation is also available on a grand scale, players are able to create their own full scale maps for the community to enjoy. As the game grows this also means there will never be a shortage of new maps to play so there is always a new experience.

It’s still early days for Guncraft but it already has everything you would want from both an FPS and voxel based game. Fans of either genre will be seriously missing out if they don’t get their hands on Guncraft.


  • Mixture of FPS and voxel based gaming.
  • Creation control over maps, guns and more.
  • Multiple game modes including some unique ones.
  • Wreak havoc on the destructible maps.
  • Vehicles, clans, killstreak rewards and so much more.

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Guncraft, 8.4 out of 10 based on 129 ratings
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