Metacritic: 77/100
Release: Aug 2009
Reviewed on: PC

Hearts of Iron III

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Hearts of Iron III brings World War II to the grand strategy genre while also ticking off the third title in the popular franchise. While a dark era of history Hears of Iron III delivers both a quality game and a memorial to a time that should not be repeated.


Your role is to take one of the 150 available countries through the era of 1936 to 1948, right in the middle of the second World War. With some run up before the war engulfs the world there is also room for industrial and diplomatic strategy.

The game world of Hears of Iron III is one of the biggest you’ll find in a strategy game with 10,000 land provinces to battle over. This combines with historical accurate depictions of military commanders and politicians to give the game a great real world vibe.

What you do within this seemingly realistic world is up to you with Hearts of Iron III offering paths that involve conflict, economic production, technological research, politics and good old fashioned espionage. All of these options have merit and can be used to succeed in this historical climate although how you adjust the levers of each can greatly impact on how the game plays out.


Regardless of the path you opt for you’ll find high amounts of depth to explore. In combat you’ve got a massive range of choices for units (ground, air and sea), divisional customisation, resistance fighting and impressive AI. While the economic and political elements have a range of options that can have wider ripple effects across the globe.

For gamers that love to dig deep into strategy you’ll be well served by Hearts of Iron III. The realistic nature of the setting and units are particularly strong helping to bring the setting to life.


  • Another great game in the Hearts of Iron franchise.
  • Realistic World War II setting.
  • Command one of the 150+ countries to control over 10,000+ provinces.
  • Pursue combat, economic and diplomatic routes.
  • Upgrade your technology to gain an edge in warfare.

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Hearts of Iron III, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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